Flamed Honduran Mahogany Back + Side Set, Unsanded - 002

Flamed Honduran Mahogany Back + Side Set, Unsanded - 002

  • Item # WSG7BT-002
  • Swietenia macrophylla
  • Dreadnought
  • Unsanded


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Flamed Honduran Mahogany Back + Side Set, Unsanded - 002

About This Item

Honduran Mahogany is balanced and organic, with remarkable clarity and projection.

    Minimum Dimensions
  • Back halves: 8-1/4" x 22" x 0.155" (210mm x 559mm x 3.9mm)
  • Sides: 5" x 31-1/2" x 0.130" (127mm x 800mm x 3.3mm)

The best flamed mahogany we've ever seen
In our 50-year history we've had the opportunity to get our hands on a lot of great sets of wood, but these TFT (The Fiddleback Tree) sets are probably the best flamed Honduran Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) we've EVER seen.

Let's face it, if you just want "regular" flamed mahogany there are lots of sets to choose from, but what makes these sets truly special and true exhibition grade is a perfect combination of 3 almost-impossible-to-find qualities:
  • Clean Sets - Most flamed mahoganies have some type of mineral streak, color variation, sapwood or other visual anomaly. Not so with these TFT sets. They are perfect and clear with no streaks, blemishes or color variations.
  • Evenly Spaced Figure from Edge-to-Edge - In any flamed set (regardless of the species) it's nearly impossible to find figure that's evenly spaced over the entire length of the board and is perfectly consistent from edge to edge... and, it's even HARDER to find this in flamed Mahogany, but these sets have it.
  • Extremely tight grained - Imagine the best fiddle back violin you've ever seen, with figure so tight that one flame is practically touching the next - now imagine it in MAHOGANY! That kind of flame is practically unheard of in Swietenia's, and it's a big part of what contributes to these rare sets.
Quantities of these TFT sets are extremely low and they're very hard to get. We're not sure how many more we'll be able to get, if any. So if you want a truly special set for your next exhibition grade guitar you better grab one of these sets while they last.

About Honduran Mahogany
Extraordinarily stable and easy to work, Honduran Mahogany is known for its strong mid-range and its warm, organic tone. It's extremely well balanced when compared to Rosewood, with exceptional projection and good volume. Because of its naturally even voice, Honduran Mahogany is popular in a wide variety of musical styles, from folk Americana to bluegrass and delta blues. It has a well-deserved reputation for creating a superbly balanced instrument.

Colors range from light, sandy browns to medium, golden reds, often with ribbon, quilted, flamed, or beeswing figure.

Honduran Mahogany owes much of its stability to its interlocking grain structure, but this can also make it a challenge to bend at times. It helps to go very slowly and bend at slightly higher heat. The open pores will require filling, but when finished properly Honduran Mahogany has unsurpassed depth and richness of color that oxidizes beautifully over the decades.

All WOODSTAX items come with our standard 100% guarantee. If you are unhappy with the wood once you get it simply return it in its original, unworked condition for a full refund or exchange.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.



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