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Tremolo Routing Templates

Tremolo Routing Templates

Tremolo Routing Templates Front and Rear Set for Traditional Strat

Front and Rear Set for Traditional Strat

Item # 2270
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Tremolo Routing Templates Front and Rear Set for Floyd Rose

Front and Rear Set for Floyd Rose

Item # 2274
In stock, ready to ship!


Tremolo Routing Templates Recessed Modification for Floyd Rose

Recessed Modification for Floyd Rose

Item # 2275
In stock, ready to ship!


Tremolo Routing Templates, Set of 3

Set of 3

Item # 2330
In stock, ready to ship!

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Tremolo Routing Templates

About This Item

Create perfectly shaped tremolo cavities for Stratocasters® and clones having standard Fender-style, Floyd Rose® or Schaller locking tremolos with rear-routed spring cavities.

Accurate template placement is easy—crystal clear routing templates allow you to see the guitar body underneath. Simply align the template‚Äôs laser etched centerlines with the markings on your guitar to get the placement right every time.

StewMac's improved templates are now thicker with smooth laser-cut edges. Correct depth measurements are etched right on the template, so you don't need to puzzle over cavity dimensions, we've done that work for you.

Create precision cavities every time:
Align the template's centerlines with those you drew on your guitar. All you need is Double-stick Tape to keep the template in place. Optional: use flat head screws dropped into the counter-sunk holes—the router glides right over them. Lower your Ball-bearing Router Bit into the wood and make several shallow passes until the bearing rides smoothly along the template edge. When the bearing can ride against the cavity wall, remove the template so you can rout to the recommended depth engraved on your template.

  • Thickness: 3/8" (9.53mm)
  • Clear acrylic
  • Laser etched centerlines and depth measurements
  • Countersunk holes for anchoring the template with flathead screws

#2270 Front and Rear Set for Traditional Strat
For tremolos with either 2-7/32" (56.36mm) mounting screw spacing, or 2-3/16" (55.56mm) mounting stud spacing. Use for installing these tremolos:
Gotoh Traditional Tremolo for Strat
Wilkinson/Gotoh VS-100N Tremolo
Wilkinson/Gotoh VSVG Vintage Tremolo

#2274 Front and Rear Set of Floyd Rose
For tremolos with 2-15/16" (74.61mm) mounting stud spacing. For these tremolos and more:
Golden Age Locking Tremolo
Floyd Rose Original Tremolo System
Floyd Rose Special Series Tremolo System

#2275 Recessed Modification for Floyd Rose
Recessing the tremolo creates extra clearance at the rear of the unit, and allows extra arm travel for super whammy action. The tremolo (and the strings) can be closer to the guitar's face, reducing the need for neck shims. For tremolos with 2-15/16" (74.61mm) mounting stud spacing. Includes shims.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

How to install a Strat tremolo and get it right

Erick Coleman has a quick tip that will save you a lot of trouble.


Product Instructions

Tremolo Routing Template Instructions

Installation instructions

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Very accurate templates!


Verified Buyer

I've been using them for years.


Great templates


Verified Buyer

While I haven't had the need to use the routing aspect of the templates, they line up perfectly w/ the existing cavities. Where they came in to play was aligning the drill for the 2 point floating trem posts. Glad I have them & they'll be put to good use in the future.


Routing Plates


Verified Buyer

Glad to see a much thicker template. Things went well except for 4 of the 6 bridge screw holes were not drilled out and the alignment of the back plate is about 1/8" off center.


Good quality (of course) and the little things


Verified Buyer

I needed individual templates for my build. An all in one just would not do. These are very nice, edge polished with registration lines etched in so getting them on center is a snap. The front template is dual purpose for 6 point or 2 point. These are thick enough to use with a top bearing shallow mortising bit in my router. These will give me the flexibility to dream up whatever shape I want for the body.


High Quality Templates Provide Accuracy


Verified Buyer

A no-brainer solution for the average weekend warrior or professional luthiers. Well worth the $ ,an essential tool that saves time and provides accuracy.


Just what the (guitar) doctor ordered


Verified Buyer

I'm converting my soloist with a tune o matic to a strat tremolo. Template came in just four days, i live in Canada, and they worked perfectly. Good sturdy templates that will last a lifetime. Very pleased!

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