Kerfed Lining Clamps - 10 Pack

Kerfed Lining Clamps - 10 Pack

Kerfed Lining Clamps - 10 Pack For Traditional Lining

For Traditional Lining

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Kerfed Lining Clamps - 10 Pack For Reverse Lining

For Reverse Lining

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Kerfed Lining Clamps - 10 Pack

About This Item

The perfect fit! Custom-made clamps for installing linings
No more makeshift clamps that only "sort of" work. Originally designed by Taylor Guitars, these lightweight aluminum clamps are perfect for gluing traditional angled and reverse linings.

Through our close relationship with the team at Taylor Guitars, we're proud to bring you their ingenious solution for installing linings. What makes them so great is that the jaws completely eliminate gaps when gluing traditional or reverse linings and they're perfectly sized to fit nearly all guitar shapes and sizes.

We've tried all sorts of clamping approaches over the years: modified clothes pins, spring clamps, even binder clips; but we were never satisfied until we tried these.

Fast and easy to install
Our techs raved about how fast you can install them. They go in almost instantly and stay exactly where you put them—no more slipping and sliding or fumbling around with wet glue.

Clamping pressure is adjustable by adding or removing additional O-rings.

We recommend 30-40 per side for a dreadnought or OM side.

The clamps come unassembled to allow you to customize the clamping pressure to suit your application.

  • Traditional or reverse linings
  • No-dent design
  • Adjustable tension
  • Fast to install
  • Lightweight
  • Includes 20 O-rings

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Almost Great


Verified Buyer

After years of using various spring clamps, clothes pins with rubber bands, etc., I thought these looked great. I bought 5 packs (50 clamps) for reverse kerf lining ($150 worth of clamps). The clamp bodies are excellently made and the overall design is spot on. BUT . . . StewMac only provides 2 o-rings per clamp and, even with 2 o-rings on each clamp, the clamping pressure is, IMHO, a joke. For the cost of these clamps, StewMac, I would suggest that you double the number of o-rings provided per pack (i.e., 40 per each 10 clamp pack). Based on my testing, 4 o-rings are needed to get close to the sort of clamping pressure I would expect to see from these clamps. With 2 o-rings, the clamping pressure is only slightly more than a common clothes pin (no extra rubber band added). With 4 o-rings the clamping pressure is less than a commercial small/medium spring clamp and about equal to a clothes pin wrapped fairly tightly with a rubber band (but with pressure that is much better distributed over a larger clamping surface). I am a big StewMac fan and have drawers full of SM tools. I am surprised and disappointed SM let these go out with only 2 o-rings per clamp. If you look at prior versions of these clamps (Frank Ford’s for example), you will notice that prior designs either used tightly wound heavy duty rubber bands or thick and wide rubber tubing for what was no doubt far more clamping power than even 4 of the SM supplied o-rings. If SM will commit to doubling the number of rings they include with each pack, I would give these 5 stars. As it stands, I spent another $8 on 100 more o-rings from Amazon to make these clamps usable (after waiting 2 days for a response to an email from StewMac customer service requesting extra o-rings). All that said, I would buy them again, even knowing I would have to improve the clamping pressure of the current offering . . . But the fix is so simple and cheap from SM’s side of the equation that I/we shouldn’t have to.

Response from StewMac

Hello James,
We're sorry to hear that thr o-rings' pressure on out Kerfed Lining Clamps didn't meet your expectations. We appreciate you sharing your honest feedback with us. Unfortunately, we do not offer these separately at this time. In the meantime, I've placed your suggestion with our product development team -- customer comments like yours have been the catalyst to many changes to our products. Once again, we are sorry for any inconvenience.


Kerfed Lining Clamps


Verified Buyer

ordered three sets of the Taylor inspired traditional Kerfed Lining Clamps. A brilliant product does the best job ever, no gaps, even pressure, easier glue clean up, and they cut the time to glue up the linings in half. Just ordered 3 more sets that should cover me for now.

I was told by MJ Franks that the company that had designed them originally was selling them for $5.00 each. They stopped selling them three years ago. But them a great longtime investment and time saviour.