Hock Tools Violin Knife

Hock Tools Violin Knife

Hock Tools Violin Knife Fine


Item # 0611
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Hock Tools Violin Knife Medium


Item # 0612
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Hock Tools Violin Knife Wide


Item # 0613
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Hock Tools Violin Knife Blades, Set of 3 Set of 3

Set of 3

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Hock Tools Violin Knife

About This Item

Razor sharp blades for building and repair
Perfect for guitar work! High carbon steel with a wicked-sharp edge, these blades are needed in any instrument shop.

Strong and rigid
Violin knives don't flex like a hobby knife. Strong enough for heavy work, they'll cut a bridge plate or put a bevel on a repair cleat. Use the wide blade like a spokeshave for carving a guitar neck. Use any of the three sizes to whittle a guitar brace. When used with a straightedge, they slice perfectly thin wooden shims.

These genuine Hock Tools blades are hardened and tempered to hold their edge, and are easily resharpened. Their edges are beveled on both sides, for right- or left-hand use. Use them as-is, or make yourself a wooden handle the way traditional violin makers do.

#0611 Fine
1/4" wide, 1/16" thick (6.35mm x 1.59mm)
10° tip, 35° bevel

#0612 Medium
1/2" wide, 1/16" thick (12.70mm x 1.59mm)
25° tip, 20° bevel

#0613 Wide
3/4" wide, 3/32" thick (19.05mm x 2.38mm)
25° tip, 25° bevel

Overall length: 7" (177.80mm)

High carbon steel.

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Same Hock quality


Verified Buyer

I've been using Hock plane and knife blades for years and the one I just bought here is of the same quality. It comes with the serrated factory grind which I suppose feels sharp, at first, but it really needs to be taken through stages of polishing. As a reference, I used Japanese ceramic stones from 2000 to 10,000 grit to polish the factory bevel. Also, the tip as-is is uselessly delicate, so I snub the end. You can simply grind off a small bit of the end from the back edge using a stone or flat sandpaper, or shape the cutting end to resemble a tiny Samurai sword tip. Once the tip is shaped you can use a leather strop from then on to keep it working-sharp; repetitive stone sharpening will only spoil the bevel and never give you an ever-sharp, annealed edge. Use that strop! Sorry to be so long-winded, but these faithful knives will last a lifetime and so deserve a little love.


Violin knife


Verified Buyer

Got all three sizes. Making any upright bass and use these knives every day. Came sharp as a razor right out of the package.


Amazing Blade


Verified Buyer

I ordered the Fine blade. Incredibly useful and excellent steel.


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