PEAKMETER Digital Multimeter

PEAKMETER Digital Multimeter

PEAKMETER Digital Multimeter PM16B


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PEAKMETER Digital Multimeter, PM19C PEAKMETER Digital Multimeter, PM19C


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PEAKMETER Digital Multimeter

About This Item

The last multimeter you'll ever buy!
When getting deep into guitar and amp repair, it is hard to determine what specs you really need to know. Vintage guitars, amps, and pedals have so many parts that differ from the "correct" listed specs, simply replacing parts can change your tone unexpectedly.

Serious about building and repairing pickups, pedals, and amps? Having an accurate multimeter to get the job done right is essential.

You need to know the precise values of your components. Component drift in small parts like capacitors and potentiometers have a big impact on your sound. We have two new multimeters that solve all the problems you'll face, and have features that will keep these meters on your desk and in your gig bag for years. It's a must-have for custom wiring jobs, pickup making, finding bad connections and testing components.

Essential for guitar and amp building and repair
There are two models to fit your needs. The compact PM19B model is sized to fit in a case or gig bag and auto ranging for simple operation. The larger PM19C has more sensitive test ranges, and can handle all the voltages you'll face when working on amps. Each model includes 21" long heavy duty 10 amp probes.

Simple to use, accurate results

    These meters can do all the essential tests you'll need:
  • Function and ohm resistance of control pots and pickups
  • Status of diodes in amps and effects
  • Mapping out lug functions
  • Circuit continuity
  • Testing guitar cables for function
  • Testing batteries
    These meters can measure:
  • AC/DC voltage
  • Diodes testing
  • Temperature (PM19C model)
  • Volts
  • Amps
  • Hertz
  • Farads (to measure capacitance)
    Bonus! Thoughtful additional features:
  • Flashlight and backlit display for dark stages
  • Stand to see the meter easily while working
    PM16B Stats—perfect for guitar work
  • Volts DC: 600m/6/60/600
  • Volts AC: 6/60/600
  • Ohms: 600/6k/60k/6m/60m/10A
  • Diode test: 1mA/3.2V
    PM19C Stats—perfect for amp building
  • Volts DC: 600m/6/60/600/1000
  • Volts AC: 6/60/600/750
  • Ohms: 600/6k/60k/600K/6m/60m
  • Diode test: 1mA/3.2V

Get the right meter for all of your building and repair needs!

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Nice unit, Solid


Verified Buyer

"I don't do much with electronics. I buy cheap guitars and replace the pots, switches and pickups. This meter seems solid and it has a nice loud continuity tone. I have the PM16B unit. I have Dan's "How to Wire a Gibson" DVD. Wish I had all this stuff BEFORE I wired my guitars but hey, things will be better.

There is a hinged leg on the back that lets you stand it up so you can see it easily.

The manual is small and hard to read. Most of you are probably beyond that but for some it would be nice to have a PDF version of the manual. I scanned my manual and uploaded it to manualslib (dot) com Go to the manualslib website use their search. Just put in PM16B, it will come right up.

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