StewMac Fret Kisser

StewMac Fret Kisser


StewMac Fret Kisser

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StewMac Fret Kisser

About This Item

The fastest and most profitable fret work ever!
When you've got a guitar with a high fret or a few spots that are buzzing, we have the solution for you. You know the story: a customer's guitar plays great and is set up perfectly, but ONE fret is too high and is causing buzzing. We made the Fret Kisser to solve this problem easily, accurately, and FAST!

Now you can do accurate and cost effective fretwork quickly! You don't even need to remove the strings.

The Fret Kisser spot levels high frets in an instant. What was a several hour job can be done in no time at all, you only file exactly where it's needed.

Everyday in your shop you have customers that can't afford costly fret work, or have an inexpensive guitar they don't want to spend a lot of money on. You can finally help these customers with setup and leveling that is fast for you and affordable for them.

Level just the fret you need
Spot leveling is difficult, especially when you need to level just one fret and avoid the frets around it. Now you can pinpoint the fret that's high and level it with no danger of affecting the other frets.

There is no other tool on the market that can level just one fret as precisely and quickly as the Fret Kisser.

Diamond coated, accurate, and easy
The concept is simple. We started with our Fret Rocker, which locates high frets easily, and made it thicker and heavier. In the middle of each section we added 300 grit diamond abrasive to quickly bring the fret level with its neighbors.

You have four different sides to zero-in just on the fret you need, no matter where you are on the fretboard. Each side is a precision ground straight edge. You'll only file exactly where it is needed.

Think of all the time you'll save leveling high-frets, without having to remove the strings or tape the board to do the leveling.

A road tech's dream
The Fret Kisser is a great tool for traveling guitar techs. With cramped space backstage, in hotel rooms, and tour buses, this tool lets you address fret issues with accuracy and get the guitar back in service.

And, if that's not enough—it's also great for refrets too. Knock down any extra high frets before leveling the entire board for faster and more accurate leveling right from the start. You won't have to spend extra time "catching up" some frets. If you are new to fretwork, this little tool is insurance for the occasional mistake.

Grab a Fret Kisser and kiss high frets goodbye!

  • 0.255" (6.48mm) thick steel
  • 4 diamond coated sides
  • Heavy weight for easy filing
  • Each side precision ground flat
  • Integrated grip
  • Non-reflective finish
  • Patent pending

Luthier Danny Songhurst, of Songhurst Guitars, was the inspiration for this tool.



Product Instructions

Spot leveling one fret at a time with the Fret Kisser

Spot leveling is difficult, especially when you need to level just one high fret on an otherwise level fretboard. Erick Coleman shows us how to use the Fret Kisser to pinpoint a high fret and level it with no danger of affecting the neighboring frets.

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