Pro Soldering Tool Set, International Version

Pro Soldering Tool Set, International Version

Pro Soldering Tool Set, International Version

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Pro Soldering Tool Set, International Version

About This Item

Our expanded set of high quality dependable tools for busy repair shops and instrument builders. These are the wiring tools we use in our own shops!

Pro Soldering Tool Set (International Version) Includes:

Solomon SL-30 Soldering Station: Pro quality with adjustable digitally controlled heat for clean professional work. 220 volt international version.

2-in-1 Wire Cutter/Stripper: Sharp carbon-steel cutter and stripper in one. Removes insulation from wire sizes AWG10 down to 20 gauge.

Curved-jaw Wiring Hemostat: Surgical-grade locking pliers hold components and insulation securely. Our modified smooth jaws won’t leave damaging marks on your wiring.

Round-nose Bending Pliers: Smooth conical jaws safely grip and bend wiring and guitar strings.

Kester Pocket-Pak Solder: Dispenser tube with approximately 15 feet of lead-free rosin core solder, the right RoHS compliant solder for guitar wiring.

Solomon Solder Sucker: Fast and easy way to remove solder—the ultimate desoldering tool.

Solder Wick: Fine braided copper draws away old solder as you press the wick onto the connection with a hot soldering iron. 5-foot roll (1.5 meters).

Alligator Clip Heat Sinks: Package of 10 copper clips to draw heat, protecting delicate components and insulation.

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