Neck Set Sandpaper

Neck Set Sandpaper

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Neck Set Sandpaper

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Neck Set Sandpaper

About This Item

Fine-tune your neck reset jobs! Specially-sized canvas-backed sandpaper for creating perfect neck-to-body fits in new builds or repairs.

The acoustic guitar on your bench needs a neck set; you've calculated the neck angle, and carefully trimmed the heel. Now for the step the experts use: pull this special sandpaper between the heel and the body to fine-adjust to a perfect fit.

The 10-yard roll of 120-grit aluminum oxide is ideal for the job. It's canvas-backed for strength so it won't pull apart in the joint, and the handy 1" width saves trimming time in a busy shop.

"This is the best thing for getting a perfect neck-to-body fit on new builds and vintage neck resets. I've used it in my shop for years. Ordinary sandpaper is too weak; it tears on the first or second pull. These cloth backed strips last until the grit finally wears out!"
—Todd Sams, StewMac production manager and veteran guitarmaker/repairman
  • 1" wide roll (25.4mm)
  • 10-yards long (9.14 meters)
  • 120-grit


Product Instructions

Using Neck Set Sandpaper

Match the neck heel contour to an acoustic guitar body.

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Sand paper is sandpaper. And this is good sandpaper, and does the job. But Stew Mac's shipping is phenomenal! Two four letter words: free and fast! Love it!


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