Micro-Mesh Dual Angle Touch-up Sticks, Set of 4

Micro-Mesh Dual Angle Touch-up Sticks, Set of 4

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Micro-Mesh Dual Angle Touch-up Sticks, Set of 4

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Micro-Mesh Dual Angle Touch-up Sticks, Set of 4

About This Item

Great for finish touch-ups and fret polishing. Cushioned Micro-Mesh® abrasive for a scratch-free mirror finish, and a special shape for hard to reach areas.

Ideal for small touch-ups on glossy finishes, these tapered sticks are padded to flex and conform to the work. We rely on these in our own shops for finish touch-ups and repairs.

Micro-Mesh Dual Angle Touch-Up Sticks measure 5-3/4" x 1/2". Sold in a set of 4, each stick features 2 grits:

  • Coarse: 1500/1800
  • Medium: 2400/3600
  • Fine: 4000/6000
  • Ultra Fine: 8000/12000

Cushioned no-scratch abrasive crystals
Micro-Mesh abrasive crystals are suspended in latex on a flexible cloth backing. Unlike sandpaper, Micro-Mesh crystals press into the cushioned backing, creating a smooth level surface with no raised grits to leave random scratches.

Lasts up to 15 times longer
Micro-Mesh keeps working after standard finishing papers load up and wear out. And the cloth backing is so rugged you can dip Micro-Mesh in soapy water to create a mirror shine!

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Great Product


Verified Buyer

It was perfect to do fret finishing without having to use many tools.


Pipe stem repairs made easy


Verified Buyer

I use these on all my pipe stems to bring my 1000 grit polish to a mirror. They are especially good to get right up to the bit for a professional shine.


Works well on small scratch repair


Verified Buyer

I bought these not knowing how good they would be. I had a like new guitar with a single scratch near the output jack, just a single scratch not through the finish, but fairly deep. Using the medium 2400/3600 stick first, letting it do most of the work with little pressure I got the scratch out without any real damage to the surrounding area, just a little haze, then just carefully went through the remaining grits up to the finest, then some 3M rubbing compound on a micro fiber cloth, and completely removed the scratch and all sanding haze from the surround area. I think the only reason I gave them four stars and not five is that the grit started to lift on one stick when I used some water with them, so I stopped using water. Not sure they all do that, as it was only one grit that lifted, but still, it basically ruined it since it was at the fine point of the stick, which is why I bought them (I liked the shape). In the end though, I will buy another set.

Response from StewMac

Thank you for sharing your honest feedback with us. In our experience, these work best briefly immersing them in water, as opposed to soaking them. If you would like a replacement, please contact us at 1-800-848-2273.


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