StewMac Bridge Plate Chisel

StewMac Bridge Plate Chisel

StewMac Bridge Plate Chisel Chisel


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StewMac Bridge Plate Chisel Top Support Dolly

Top Support Dolly

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StewMac Bridge Plate Chisel

About This Item

Remove the bridge plate and protect the guitar top
Removing an acoustic guitar's bridge plate is tricky. After softening the glue with heat, it takes carefully controlled force to separate the plate from the delicate guitar top. At the same time, you must protect the top from cracking under pressure. Our Bridge Plate Chisel and Top Support Dolly work together to accomplish this.

It's a two-handed job: the reverse-bent chisel works under the back edge of the bridge plate to pry it free. The smooth polyethylene dolly in your other hand applies counter pressure from the outside, keeping the top wood from cracking.

  • 1" wide hardened steel chisel
  • 3" wide non-scratch polyethylene dolly
  • Comfortable grips on both tools

These tools are included in our Acoustic Bridge Tools Set, for removing and installing acoustic bridges and bridge plates (bridge pads).


Product Instructions

StewMac Acoustic Bridge Tools Instructions

These tools make difficult bridge repairs easier and more profitable.

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Verified Buyer

About a year ago I did a bridge plate removal and replacement on a 12 string. This year I have another one in. I just searched "bridge plate removal tool" on Google hoping that something would come up, but expecting nothing....I was shocked to see that Stewmac finally has a tool for this. I bought it immediately.

I ground the flat side down on mine on a belt sander, and used a diamond sharpening stone to touch it up a little more. I didn't get it razor thin, but just took a little off. With cheap guitars especially, the bridge plate tends to come off in splinters, and without a slightly thinner blade, it's tough to get in there and pull those pieces out.

Fortunately, there is plenty of room for grinding. This tool is made out of nice thick steel. Of course, if it works on a job as-is, there's no need to modify it...but modification is readily available if you need to do it like I did.

The design is great. The angle is well thought out and makes gripping it very easy. I even use a "reverse grip" when needed, for example, pulling stubborn pieces of bridge plate out from right behind the X-Brace. You can grab the head of the chisel itself and zero-in on stubborn splinters of bridge plate that might be left behind.

Bridge plate work is blind work, so having a well-designed tool that allows you to feel what you're doing is very important.

Very happy with this tool. Soon enough the 12 string I'm working on will have a new hard maple bridge plate with the grain running parallel to the grain on the top for extra strength. Bridge plate replacement is hard enough without removing the bridge plate.

This tool turns what would otherwise be a nightmare job into something realistic and achievable.