How the stars set up their guitars

An excerpt from Dan Erlewine's "How To Make You Electric Guitar Play Great", including celebrity setups from Jeff Beck to Jim Weider.


Here are over three dozen precise setup specs collected by Dan Erlewine as he interviewed famous players and roadies. All of these came from Dan's hands-on measurements of the actual guitars. More information can be found in the last chapter of Dan's book, including a detailed "10-step Fender Setup."

Players' setups:
Jeff Beck's Strat
John Borchard's '59 Gretch Anniversary
John Borchard's '67 Gibson ES-355
Junior Brown, Tone Player
Robert Cray's Strats
Chris Duarte's Strat
Eric Johnson's '57 Strat
Jorma Kaukonen's Signature Epiphone
Albert King's Lucy Flying V
Bill Kirchen's Tele
Leon Rhodes' '62 Epiphone Sheriton
Duke Robillard's Archtop Electric
Brian Setzer's "Hot-Rod"
Brian Setzer's '59 Gretch
Jimmy Smails' '75 Tele Custom
Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Number One"
Jim Weider's Fender Esquire
Jim Weider's Fender Tele
Jim Weider's Slide Setup ('60s Silvertone)

More setups, by maker:
Tom Anderson Guitarworks
Gene Baker BH1
John Carruthers Custom
Danelectro U2 ('56)
Fender Bajo-Sexto
Gibson ES-350 T (short scale jazz archtop)
Gibson Les Paul Gold Top ('54)
Gibson Les Paul with Humbuckers ('59)
Gibson Les Paul with P90 Pickups ('78)
Ibanez Factory Specs
Roger Sadowsky's Setup
Paul Reed Smith (PRS) McCarty
Michael Stevens LJ
Washburn Nuno Bettencourt Signature Model
Washburn Custom Shop Centurion CT5BB