Using ColorTone Grain Filler

Preparation and application instructions.

• Preparation
• Application
• Notes


ColorTone waterbase grain filler is designed to fill the pores in any open grained woods such as ash, mahogany, rosewood, walnut, and koa. It will produce a smooth surface that will not shrink after finish is applied.


ColorTone filler comes in a paste form. To prepare it for filling wood scoop about 25% of the filler into a separate container and add 10-15% warm water. Mix thoroughly until the consistency of the filler is smooth, without any lumps.

1. Prepare surface by sanding to 220-grit. Remove all dust, oil and solvents from the surface.

2. Brush on ColorTone grain filler liberally in the direction of the grain, then against it. Allow to dry for up to 10 minutes.

3. Use a grain filler spreader or plastic card to squeegee off excess filler. Wipe at a 45 angle to the grain.

4. When dry, wipe off remaining residue with a clean dry cloth.

5. Sand surface with 320-grit sandpaper. Clean up with warm water.

  • If additional filling is required, allow 30 minutes drying time between fills.
  • ColorTone grain filler can be tinted for custom colors using ColorTone liquid stains or waterbase pigments before application.
  • Allow drying 2-4 hours before applying waterbase finishes, 24 hours before applying nitrocellulose.
  • ColorTone has an unlimited shelf life. If it dries hard in the container simply add a small amount of warm water to reconstitute the filler to the desired consistency.
  • Non toxic, no harmful fumes.
  • As with all finishing products, use in well ventilated areas. Avoid inhaling residue.

Keep out of the reach of children.