Finishing a Blue Guitar, PRS-style binding

Part 3: Dan Erlewine shows how to achieve a PRS-style finish using liquid stains and aerosol lacquer.



After an hour remove the latex tape.

Using your index finger as a depth guide . . .

. . . sand the stain off the top edge to create the top of the "binding".

A sanding stick, with 150-grit does a good job of exposing the edge also and gently rounding it.

Though the sanding created an almost-perfect top edge, I used a single edge razor blade with a scrap of binding taped to it as a depth stop . . .

. . . and removed any blue stain that the sandpaper didn't get—this also creates a very clean line between blue and clean maple.

Let the guitar dry overnight before spraying any lacquer.

This guitar is now ready for Stage 4: Sealer and scuff sand.

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