Solder Monster Instructions

Assembly Instructions


The Solder Monster has four bendable arms to hold parts securely without damage.

The fifth arm is a vacuum tube for drawing away hazardous solder fumes. The wisps of smoke from solder contain harmful toxins. With the hose kit provided, attach this tube to your vacuum. Position it over your work to remove these fumes.

The plywood cabinet stores spools of wire, with eyelets to keep the wire from tangling. Holes in the top store your cutters, pliers and other wiring tools.

1. Attach the left and right sides to the base, using four flat-head wood screws. The holes in the sides are off-center; position them upward and toward the front.

2. Install the four screw eyes in the predrilled holes on the underside of the top board.

3. Attach the aluminum bar with arms to the top, using the two hex head machine screws.

4. Attach the top to the sides, using four oval head wood screws.

5. Install the round covers over the holes on each side, using the two shortest wood screws.

6. The dowel for holding wire spools inserts through the side holes, and is held by the round covers. Feed your wires through the eyelets.

7. Attach the exhaust tube to your vacuum using the kit included.

8. The two remaining oval head wood screws are for fastening the Solder Monster to your bench.