String Mounting Instructions for Locking Guitar Tuning Machines

Instructions for stringing Locking guitar Tuning Machines.


1. Loosen the locking string post (A) with a screwdriver or a coin, so the string can be inserted through the hole in the post.

2. Insert the string. It should form a fairly straight line from your hand to the nut. Holding the string taut, tighten it with the tuner knob (B). The string should not wind around the post more than a full turn. When the locking post starts to rotate, it automatically locks the string.

String changing

1. If the string is not broken, loosening the tuner will automatically release the lock.

2. If the string is broken, use a screwdriver or coin to loosen the string post. 6-in-line (Strat style) tuner string posts are loosened by turning counterclockwise. 3 left/3 right (Les Paul style) posts are loosened clockwise on the treble side of the peghead, and counterclockwise on the bass side.