D'Addario Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines 3+3

D'Addario Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines 3+3

D'Addario Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines 3+3 Chrome


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D'Addario Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines 3+3 Black


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D'Addario Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines 3+3 Gold


Item # 10655-G
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D'Addario Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines 3+3

About This Item

The Planet Waves 3 + 3 Auto Trim Tuning Machines are precision tuners that automatically cut the excess string while changing strings, eliminating the need for string cutting tools and making string changes easy and fast.

The 18:1 ratio worm gear construction ensures greater precision than standard tuners and ensure tuning stability even during the hardest playing. Includes 6 tuners and mounting hardware. 3 + 3 design for instruments that have 3 tuning machines on each side of the headstock.

  • Set of 6 includes mounting screws and bushings
  • High quality precision tuners that automatically cut excess string while the guitar is tuned
  • Individual string clamps securely hold the string in the tuning machine, avoiding the need for multiple wraps around the post
  • Excellent for tremolo use and other demanding applications
  • Precise 18:1 gearing ratio for smooth, exact tuning with minimal string slippage
  • PWAT-33

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Great upgrade for my ES-335 TD


Verified Buyer

Never liked the stock Grover tuners. They are sloppy and have a low turn ratio which made tuning problematic, particularly on the G string for some reason.

I had done a swap on a Godin Session with the 6 in line version of these tuners (the original tuners felt like Fisher Price built components) and have been super pleased with them. It was a no brainer to swap out the ES-335.

I checked on line and a couple of folks said it was a direct swap, however, this isn't the case, at least for my ES-335. My guitar has 3/8 tuner holes and the Planet Wave ones are a smidget bigger.

Not a huge problem, a few minutes with a rat tail file and I was able to ream the hole big enough to drop them in.

Second difference is the mount screw is bigger with the original tuners, so I had to use the original screw instead of the ones provided with the Planet Waves tuners.

It looks much nicer (mostly due to the age of the original tuners, circa 1978) and have solved all the problems I was having.

Plus I really love the string locking and auto trim, it makes for a really quick restringing staying in tune.


well made, pro level, auto string trim cut


Verified Buyer

I had never seen such a cool thing for a tuner, cuts the string flush as you tune it up, wow.
Quality product, nice ratio, tuning stability, wonderful little stud tab on the post to show where exactly the string hole is, love it.
Installation went relatively easy, replaced early version of Gibson auto tune. Mechanism was fine for me as you have to adjust them, slow them down and increase accuracy, worked fine for me.What I could not stand was that utterly terrible screw cap string holding technique (early versions), just god awful. I finally decided to make life easier and put these on. Holes were a little too tight after removing the auto tune; just used same size bit and just cleared them out a little. Snug tight, did have a bit of an issue with the very small machine head retaining nuts. I use black and having to adjust the tuner position began to wear on the paint a bit. Would have probably been better if the nuts were larger as the wrench had a hard time getting a grip on them. Other than that they look amazing. I refitted my '15 LesPaul LPM with vintage wiring and Seymour's all black hardware, roller bridge, TUSQ drop in nut, wow what a great modified LP it turned out to become. I love these tuners! Best locking tuners ever!


Super fast shipping - great tuners.


Verified Buyer

These tuners were very affordable, they have very smooth action. I won't know how they hold key for a while, so can't comment on that. The string cutters work really well. They look great. I purchased the gold and they look solid and well made.


Awesome tuners, not good for Jackson USA.


I just purchased a set and attempted to install onto a Jackson USA Adrian Smith and after removing the stock tuner the hole isn't drilled all the way through. These tuners will not go all the way through unless you drill the hole out completely. I will not modify expensive guitars in anyway that is not reversible. I then installed them on a Jackson MIJ model without a problem. Will be ordering from another brand for the USA.

Now about the tuners themselves. They are nice feeling and look like they are made well. After installing them and fed the string through properly they lock and cut the string without much effort. I would recommend them as long as the hole is straight drilled at 10mm.

5 star, them not fitting my guitar is not Daddario's fault. Price, quality and functionality is outstanding.


No problems


Verified Buyer

I found them easy to fit and have had no problems with slippage/ tuning. In gold they look great and good value for the money. The flush trim means I no longer impale a finger with a short trimmed string while cleaning/polishing!