Golden Age Restoration Tuners for Oval Hole F-Style Mandolins

Golden Age Restoration Tuners for Oval Hole F-Style Mandolins


Bright nickel, ivoroid knobs

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Golden Age Restoration Tuners for Oval Hole F-Style Mandolins

About This Item

The right fit for your vintage F-style Gibson oval mandolins
First time available anywhere! The correct replacement tuners for your vintage Gibson F2 through F5 oval soundhole mandolins (and more!).

Don't settle for cranky old tuners that don't work! You no longer have to modify a vintage instrument for modern tuners that never look right. We've made the best restoration tuners for your 1918-1922 Mandolins, Mandolas, and Mandocellos.

The right look with better performance
Gibson mandolins, mandolas, and mandocellos from the early 1920s are things of beauty. Let's face it, the downside is the inevitable failure of the tuners. The gears freeze, the buttons crack and fall off, making these great instruments unplayable.

These vintage correct tuners fit the original peghead spacing, no modifications needed. We've duplicated the original "Mickey Mouse" footprint and oval ivoroid buttons—only you'll know they were changed. These tuners save time and originality, and look just right.

We made these to fit 1918 through late 1922 Gibson F2 through F5 mandolins, H1 through H4 mandolas, and K through K4 mandocellos. And, they also fit 1904 through 1917 F2 through F4 mandolins (without the inlaid Handel tuner buttons).

Restore your vintage mandolin the right way!

Gear ratio: 15:1
Bushing diameter: .283" (7.19mm)
String post diameter: 0.236" (6mm)
String post spacing: Early 1900s .931" (23.65mm)

    The details are correct too:
  • Square worm supports
  • Straight-slot worm gear screws
  • Roundhead straight-slot mounting screws
    Each set includes:
  • Pair of 4-left, 4-right tuning machines
  • Press-fit peghead bushings
  • Mounting screws

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