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Finishing from A to Z

Finishing from A to Z

Fixing a small chip? Final buffing for that perfect build? We have you covered for all things finishing, from A TO Z!

Guitar Finishing Step-By-Step
Aerosol Guitar Lacquer

Get a Beautiful Finish the Easy Way

With our aerosol lacquers it's simple to get a great finish on any instrument.

ColorTone Wipe-On Poly Finish

Environmentally-friendly Finishing

Waterbase finish is easy to use and cleans up with just soap and water.

Guitar Finishes

Lacquer Specifically Made for Guitars

We have traditional nitro lacquer and all of the stains, pigments, and more to get all the classic and modern guitar colors.

StewMac Airbrush Outfit

Pro Results in a Small Package

Get fine control for touchups, sunbursting, and more with this simple tool

ColorTone Hand Polishing Set

Factory Shine With No Equipment

We've got all the right polishes and more to get that high gloss look with no equipment needed

Foam Polishing Pads

Make Your Drill a Buffer!

Don't have space for a big buffer? With these pads and your hand drill you can have the extra high gloss look fast.

5 Tips for spraying guitars

Tips for Spraying Guitars with Aerosol Cans

Dan Erlewine shares the secrets to getting a flawless finish using spray cans.

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Touchup Makers
Aerosol Finishing Kit

Finish Your Guitar Your Way

From nitro to poly to shellac, we've got all the finishing supplies you need.

ColorTone Liquid Stains

Make Any Color You Can Imagine

With stains and pigments for any finish it's easy to match a vintage color or make your own.

Grain Filler

The First Step to a Level Finish

Mix your own grain filler for a stunning finish or to do a repair.


Scraping, Not Sanding, to Prepare Wood for Finishing

You are probably familiar with sandpaper for finish prep, but have you tried scrapers?
Many luthiers have missed out on the idea of scrapers so let’s fix that...

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Coloring new binding to match the old stuff

Coloring New Binding to Match the Old Stuff

Dan Erlewine repaired this 1930s Kay. It's time to finish it up with color matching the binding.

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Get a Glossy Finish Using Foam Polishing Pads

Get a Glossy Finish Using Foam Polishing Pads

Watch Dan bring this damaged finish back to life with his drill and a couple foam polishing pads.

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Fixing a small chip in your guitar's finish

Fixing a Small Chip in Your Guitar's Finish

Dan demos a drop fill technique that leaves a nearly invisible fix in a poly finish.

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