Celebrating Guitar Makers

Celebrating Guitar Makers

You don't just love music, you make it. Projects big or small, it's your passion and attention to detail that turns a few pieces of wood into a work of art.


Custom clamps for every job

The right clamps make even the trickiest build easy. Big or small, we've got a clamp for all the work you do.

Go-bar System

Do a two-hour job in 20 minutes

The Go-Bar Deck is the most consistent (and fastest!) way to glue braces on the tops and backs of acoustic instruments.

Neck Shaping Templates

Build your neck to true vintage specs

We've had the good fortune to work on some of the most amazing instruments ever made, and we've been meticulously measuring every part.

TrueChannel Binding Router Jig

Cut perfect binding channels

Routing is tricky. The True Channel makes it easy to get square cuts every time.

Routing Templates

The simple way to get a perfect pickup pocket.

Clean and perfect routes are the hallmark of a quality build. Get yours exactly where they need to be.

Razor Files

Files that work as hard as you do

From shaping tiny finish details to removing lots of wood in a hurry, we've got the right files for you.

Routing a Fender-style neck pocket

How to rout a Fender neck pocket

Erick Coleman uses StewMac's Neck Pocket Routing Template to get a good fit on a bass he built.

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Celebrating Guitar Makers with Parts

The best guitar parts for your build

From vintage elegance to modern high performance, get the hardware that fits your vision.


More than just staying in tune

We have the right look and performance you need.

Golden Age Roller Bridge

The heart of any guitar

Acoustic or electric, exotic or vintage, we have the right bridge to complete your dream build.

Bridge Pins

Small details make all the difference

With countless options of acoustic appointments, it's easy match any aesthetic.

Six-in-line Tuners

How to install six-in-line tuners

Watch how to get perfectly aligned tuners, with no chips in the finish.

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Celebrating Guitar Makers with Supplies

Need supplies?
StewMac has you covered

Whether you just need an extra roll of binding tape or want to mix your own hide glue, we're here to help you complete your next build.


Like a third hand in your shop

We had this Tape Deck custom-made to be the best shop assistant you've ever had.


Pick the wood that speaks to you

Through WoodStax you can pick the exact wood you'll receive. It's like having a high-end exotic lumber yard in your back yard.

Pickguard Material

Custom-made materials

So good you can't tell the difference.

Vintage Amber Neck for Strat.jpg

Ready to play now

Whether it's a partscaster or a custom upgrade, save time with an expertly crafted neck.

Cream Plastic Binding

Bindings in all shapes and sizes

When only the right color, size, and style will do, we've got the options you need.

Inlay Dots

From glittering pearls to classic dots

With classic snowflakes, dots, blocks, and blanks, it's easy to find inspiration for inlaying your fretboard and more.

Bending herringbone without breaking it

Bending herringbone without breaking it

Learn how to bend herringbone binding from a Fender Custom Shop builder.

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