Dads and Grads
T-Style Guitar Kit

The electric guitar that started it all

You don’t need any woodworking experience at all to build this iconic guitar. It’s easy and fun to build, and you’ll learn a lot, too!

Ukulele Kit

The one build that you can take with you anywhere

Ukuleles are easy to play and even easier to build. A great first project that you’ll take with you to the park, the beach—just throw it in your backpack and go where you feel inspired.

Dreadnaught Guitar Kit

A timeless instrument you’ll treasure forever

Building a dreadnought is the experience of a lifetime. With AAA-grade tonewoods and precision machining from our Ohio shop, you have a headstart on building your dream guitar.

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get the tools to take you there...
Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set

A drawer full of tools in the palm of your hand

Be ready with the right sized tools for nearly any hardware on any guitar, from tuners to bridges, tremolos to pickguards, pickups to tailpieces, and much more.

Essential Fretting Tool Set

All the tools you need to start fretting like a pro.

These are the tools you'll need for installing, leveling, crowning and inspecting frets. This set has the same tools we’ve used to build and repair thousands of instruments.

Deluxe Tool Set

Everything you need for guitars, amps, and pedals!

Getting serious about working on electronics? With the right tools and guidance, you’ll never run into a problem you can’t fix.

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Make any guitar better
Wiring Kits

Upgrade your sound with better parts

Complete with wiring diagrams, our wiring kits feature the professional components trusted for decades by Gibson, Fender, and other iconic builders.

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Find the pickups that unleash your tone

Take your guitar to the next level with new pickups that will finally give you the sound you’ve been searching for.

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Play in tune and stay in tune

Upgrading you tuners is an easy way to improve your guitar. Not only do they look amazing, you’ll spend more time focused on your playing and less time worrying about tuning.

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