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Magnet Polarity Tester

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Refined by Les Schatten especially for guitar shops, this tester is useful for troubleshooting and testing pickups and wiring.

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Magnet Polarity Tester
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5127 Magnet Polarity Tester Yes

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Pickup rewinding specialist J.M. Rolph has noted, "How many times have you wired a pickup and found it's magnetically out of phase, with the same thin, low-powered sound as a pickup that's wired out of phase, even though the lead wires looked right?" By indicating the north or south magnetic orientation of a pickup's polepieces, this polarity tester can help you avoid the problem.

With a basic knowledge of vintage pickup magnet polarities (instructions are included), this tool is also a quick way to determine a pickup's authenticity.

How to open a humbucker and reverse the polarity
How do you pop the top on a humbucker?
How to open a humbucker and reverse the polarity Read more

In this issue:
Erick answers a customer question about reversing a humbucker's pickups, and finds that the hardest part is getting the cover off the pickup!

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Magnet Polarity Tester
Magnet Polarity Tester
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 29 ratings Write a Review
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3 4-16-2014
Could be better

The product works as advertised. But StewMac keeps us customers spoiled with great products, and this is not great. See the picture: 1 - The plastic tube is robust and nearly unbreakable, so is the rubber cap. But the bottom, where the magnet sits, is cloudy (probably due to excess acrylate glue. 2 - The inside label is glued around a piece of soda straw (you can see the stripes). Although perfect to limit the magnet range inside the tube, makes the product look cheap. I'll take mine apart and assemble in a pet lab tube, which has a round bottom. The cap and polarity indicator will be a maple plug. We fancy our tools here. We take proud in sharp blades and well polished handles, as we do with every part we craft. It's kind of a philosophy, "no cheap stuff here".

Marcio Costa  Brasil Read my reviews (37)
Customer supplied image for review
4 3-03-2014
QC issue, but fully functional

The first one of these I received broke (black dot came off) within about 5 minutes. StewMac support apologized profusely and had a new one in my hands within a few days (which has been fine so far). Very handy little tool to have!

Erin E.  Burlington, VT
5 9-13-2013
Work just as described!

This tool does just what it is advertised to do and does it well. I could have built my own out of a neo magnet, a small plastic tube, and some paint, but it would have cost me about the same and taken all that time! I really like that I can quickly test without having anything actually touch the pickup or pickup magnet...unlike the way I used to do it with a painted disk magnet.

Angelwood  IN Read my reviews (11)
5 7-07-2013
must have tool

saves time.

David S  Seattle, WA Read my reviews (18)
5 4-17-2013
Must Have!

Great Tool! Very simple to use! A must have in every shop!

Marco Rosignoli (Liuteria ROX)  Mantova, Italy Read my reviews (7)
5 2-18-2013
Got business? Reduce Guesswork = more money!

If you own a small shop or any business, you HAVE to have this, it's that simple. This eliminates guesswork, which translates into less time wasted, which gives you more time to do more jobs, which gives you MORE MONEY EARNED. pays for itself the first pickup issue you get, and you'll get a few of them. Even for just a hobby, it makes your pickup experiments a quick success. You don't need this, you WANT this!

Marcus C.  Philadelphia, PA
4 12-30-2012

never, ever did i think i needed one of these. Its one of those little widgets that, once you've used it for the first time, wondered how you ever managed without it.

GraemeSP  UAE Read my reviews (5)
5 12-14-2012
simple and easy

I use this on a lot of vintage guitars to see if they are north or south facing pickups. Surprising to see and fun to use.

NPB_EST.1979  Detroit, MI Read my reviews (14)
5 8-14-2012
Another cool tool from Stew Mac!

Like the title said, it's a great tool to have in the shop. Quick and easy to use and a great time saver. Thanks Stew Mac, you ROCK!

Dave M  Los Angeles, CA USA Read my reviews (7)
5 8-05-2012
Opposites Attract

Very handy bit of kit if you are making or repairing pickups.

Gibson Paul L.  England Read my reviews (3)
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