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Product Instructions I-5561
Micro Finishing Papers
Micro finishing papers cut more quickly and smoothly than other finishing papers, leaving no scratches when used properly.
Product Instructions I-5068
Mounting a Kent Armstrong Suspended Jazz Pickup
How to mount and wire a Kent Armstrong Suspended Jazz pickup.
Product Instructions I-2002
Oak Grigsby 4-way 2-pole Lever Switch Instructions
Installation and wiring diagram for the Oak Grigsby 4-Way 2-pole Lever Switch.

Online video available
2-in-1 Wire Cutter/Stripper Tool Demo
One of our favorite tools for wiring guitars and amps: a carbon-steel cutter and stripper in one. A quick flick turns it from one tool into the other.
Product Instructions I-4266
Jaws2 Fret Press
An overview of and instructions for using the Jaws2 Fret Press.
Trade Secrets! Issue 9 December 21, 2006
Straightening the neck on a 1914 Gibson mandolin
This week, Dan Erlewine and Erick Coleman revive a beautiful old Gibson F2 mandolin that's become warped after nearly 100 hot summers stored in the attic.
Product Instructions I-3529
T-Model Megaswitch Instructions
Installation and wiring instructions for the T-Model Megaswitch.
Product Instructions I-6153
Schatten Thumbwheel Controls Instructions
Downloadable wiring diagrams for Schatten Thumbwheel Controls.
Product Instructions I-3484
E-Model Megaswitch
Installation and wiring instructions for the E-Model Megaswitch.
Product Instructions I-3760
Fret Beveling Files
Downloadable instructions for smoothing fret ends with Fret Beveling Files.
Product Instructions I-4915
Dual Fret Scale Template Instructions
How to determine where to cut fret slots using the Dual Fret Scale Templates.
Product Instructions I-5400
Golden Age Humbucker Wiring Diagrams
Wiring diagrams and color codes for Golden Age Humbucking pickups.
Trade Secrets! Issue 117 July 08, 2010
Used guitars: great deals if you do some after-sale fixup
Erick Coleman just went guitar-shopping and picked up a used Gretsch Corvette from 1963. It needs a little fixup/setup. This Trade Secrets is about tweaking your pawn shop prize.
Product Instructions I-1120
Fender Neck Joint Routing Template Instructions
How to rout a neck joint pocket using the Neck Joint Routing Template for Fender.