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Product Instructions I-3789
Guitar Shielding
An overview of guitar shielding with the Self-Adhesive Shielding Kit, including a list of required tools.
Product Instructions I-5068
Mounting a Kent Armstrong Suspended Jazz Pickup
How to mount and wire a Kent Armstrong Suspended Jazz pickup.
Product Instructions I-2002
Oak Grigsby 4-way 2-pole Lever Switch Instructions
Installation and wiring diagram for the Oak Grigsby 4-Way 2-pole Lever Switch.

Online video available
2-in-1 Wire Cutter/Stripper Tool Demo
One of our favorite tools for wiring guitars and amps: a carbon-steel cutter and stripper in one. A quick flick turns it from one tool into the other.
Product Instructions I-4266
Jaws2 Fret Press
An overview of and instructions for using the Jaws2 Fret Press.
Trade Secrets! Issue 9 December 21, 2006
Straightening the neck on a 1914 Gibson mandolin
This week, Dan Erlewine and Erick Coleman revive a beautiful old Gibson F2 mandolin that's become warped after nearly 100 hot summers stored in the attic.
Product Instructions I-3529
T-Model Megaswitch Instructions
Installation and wiring instructions for the T-Model Megaswitch.
Product Instructions I-6153
Schatten Thumbwheel Controls Instructions
Downloadable wiring diagrams for Schatten Thumbwheel Controls.
Product Instructions I-3484
E-Model Megaswitch
Installation and wiring instructions for the E-Model Megaswitch.
Product Instructions I-3760
Fret Beveling Files
Downloadable instructions for smoothing fret ends with Fret Beveling Files.
Product Instructions I-4915
Dual Fret Scale Template Instructions
How to determine where to cut fret slots using the Dual Fret Scale Templates.
Product Instructions I-5400
Golden Age Humbucker Wiring Diagrams
Wiring diagrams and color codes for Golden Age Humbucking pickups.
Trade Secrets! Issue 117 July 08, 2010
Used guitars: great deals if you do some after-sale fixup
Erick Coleman just went guitar-shopping and picked up a used Gretsch Corvette from 1963. It needs a little fixup/setup. This Trade Secrets is about tweaking your pawn shop prize.

Online video available
Use Peghole Reamer for Truly Round Holes
Dan Erlewine demonstrates the peghole reamer and explains the difference between our musical instrument reamer and a hardware store reamer.
Product Instructions I-1120
Fender Neck Joint Routing Template Instructions
How to rout a neck joint pocket using the Neck Joint Routing Template for Fender.