Ibex Archtop Carving Planes

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Ibex Archtop Carving Planes 25mm body / 8mm blade

25mm body / 8mm blade

Item # 0330
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Ibex Archtop Carving Planes 30mm body / 10mm blade

30mm body / 10mm blade

Item # 0697
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Ibex Archtop Carving Planes 36mm body / 12mm blade

36mm body / 12mm blade

Item # 0687
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Ibex Archtop Carving Planes 47mm body / 18mm blade

47mm body / 18mm blade

Item # 0331
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Ibex Archtop Carving Planes 90mm body / 28mm blade

90mm body / 28mm blade

Item # 3141
In stock, ready to ship!


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Ibex Archtop Carving Planes

About This Item

High quality planes with a convex bottom, for thicknessing arched instrument tops and backs.

Precision mini planes get into small spaces. Machined from cast silicon bronze, with a chrome vanadium blade that holds an extremely fine edge.

A larger 90mm (3.54") convex model is for carving archtop guitars, cellos and basses. This palm plane features an adjustable mouth to refine the size of the shavings, a great feature when working with figured woods.

Thumbscrew adjustment permits quick blade repositioning or removal for resharpening.

Ibex Finger Planes were designed by pioneering luthier Irving Sloane.

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(Customer's Reviews)

Just bought the smaller one. As usual it was delivered in France in 3 days (2-4 weeks in theory). This plane is magical. Carving is so easy with it that it feels like cheating! I'm carving an acoustic guitar body in a single piece of wood. After carving the main shape with gouges and chisel, this plane is a real time saver to adjust the thickness. Only disappointment: it becomes very hot in no time, remember to wear gloves.


Finger plane

(Customer's Reviews)

Nice tool, well made, and sets up easily, a bit small, but when sharpened removes wood quite fast. I tend to place my finger in the mouth of the plane which prevents the chips to release, I catch myself and it works fine. Gets into small places, I would recommend it!


time saver

(Customer's Reviews)

These convex finger planes are a little pricey but the time you save and the accuracy of each pass saves you tons of time. And time is money. There is no better tool for carving and arch-top instrument, period!

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