Behlen Ground Hide Glue

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Behlen Ground Hide Glue

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Behlen Ground Hide Glue

About This Item

Traditional luthier's glue that creates stronger wood joints than bottled liquid hide glues, and allows disassembly later with a hot knife.

Granulated, for dissolving in water using our Electric Glue Pot. Gram strength is 164. 1-pound container.


Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Using three different glues: where and why?

Titebond or hide glue? Hot glue or bottled? Dan Erlewine uses three glues for this repair, and each has different properties. He explains why one glue can't cover all the bases. And he's created some pretty interesting cauls for clamping this job together while it dries!

Why hide glue is best for this cracked neck

A badly broken neck on this Martin D-35 almost goes unnoticed, and the repair leads to an innovative do-it-yourself jig. Dan Erlewine explains how he chose the gluing method for this repair.

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Good stuff

(Customer's Reviews)

I'm using the hide glue to restore a pipe organ. This stuff is fantastic! Sticks very well, easy to work with, reusable, re-workable, and dries fast, but not too fast. Gluing hardwood, leather, felt, etc. Everything sticks very well and the one I messed up was easy to re-work and correct. I took the glue to 60c which was a great temp. I mixed a 1:2 glue:water like the video shows which worked great. There was no bad oder, and the glue was amber in color and mostly transparent, not dark. Cleanup was very easy as well.


Good glue but ignore the label!

(Customer's Reviews)

The label on the Behlen can says to mix this glue in equal weights of dry glue and water at a 1:1 ratio. That's just plain wrong -- and the result of that formulation is viscous, unusable goo. Follow Dan's directions in the accompanying short video and you'll get excellent results.


Hide glue

(Customer's Reviews)

Ok, first follow the instructions and watch Dan's video. I got a thermostatically controlled hot plate, a new pot for water, a small mason jar, and also a cooking thermometer. I hooked it all up, premixed my glue and warmed it to 140 degrees, then let it set over night and reheated it. Wow it works great. Easy clean up, also used a small soldering brush to apply. I will be using it from now on I'm sold, and it works great. Thanks Dan.

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