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StewMac Super Glue

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First choice in guitar repair shops. Incredible bonding strength for quick jig-making, repairs, fretting, binding, inlaying, finish touch-ups, and countless other tasks.

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StewMac Super Glue
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
0010 #10 Thin, 1 oz. Yes
3 or more $4.29  

0020 #20 Medium, 1 oz. Yes
3 or more $4.29  

0030 #30 Thick, 1 oz. Yes
3 or more $4.29  

0020-W NEW! #20 Medium White, .5 oz. Yes
3 or more $6.33  

0020-A #20 Medium Amber, 1 oz. Yes
3 or more $6.33  

0020-B #20 Medium Black, 1 oz. Yes
3 or more $6.33  

Quantity prices apply to multiples of the same item number Selected currency  


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They'll speed your work by hours. With our three clear viscosities, plus pre-mixed black and amber medium super glues, you'll be ready for any repair situation that demands a fast permanent bond. Spend less time setting up clamps and waiting for other glues to dry!

1-ounce bottles are the practical size to minimize shelf life problems. Bonus: three flexible Whip Tip nozzle extenders are included, too. Put super glue precisely where you need it, with no mess.

#10 Thin penetrates close-fitting wood joints and fingerboard cracks. It cures in 3-5 seconds, for a strong moisture-resistant joint. This water-thin super glue is great for fast minor drop-fill repairs on guitar finishes, too.

#20 Medium is our general-purpose super glue. It's a bit thicker, to fill small imperfect joint gaps, and cures in 10-25 seconds. It's also available in pre-mixed black, white, and amber. Real time-savers for ebony inlay work and touch-up repairs in aged lacquer finishes and binding.

#30 Thick has epoxy-like gap-filling consistency, and cures in 30-50 seconds to allow joint repositioning.

To help prolong shelf life, store super glues in a cool dry place.

Warning! Super glues bond skin and eyes instantly.

Use in a well ventilated area. Keep out of the reach of children.

Which super glue to use: thin, medium or thick?
Which super glue for which instrument repairs?
Which super glue to use: thin, medium or thick? Read more

In this issue:
Dan Erlewine uses photo examples to show when to choose thin, medium or thick super glue for instrument work.

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 Ratings and reviews
StewMac Super Glue
StewMac Super Glue
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 114 ratings Write a Review
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5 12-11-2010
#10 Super Glue

I have the 10 Thin and works great for me.


4 seasons pickups  Netherlands Read my reviews (11)
5 11-27-2010
Opaque Super Glue

The black is the only one I've used. It seems to have worked just fine.

packetpass  NY
2 11-17-2010
This stuff doesn't set

The thin is ok but the medium doesn't set as well as other superglues. It seems likes its old as soon as I get it sometimes.

Oldy-r-goody  Canada Read my reviews (9)
5 10-11-2010
Stewmac super glues

These are very good products with wide applications. The new mode of packaging is certainly an improvement.

MJF  Australia Read my reviews (3)
5 10-08-2010
The glue I use every day !

The #10 super glue works great. I use "whip tip" #1161 with all the super glue that I use. I do not have any problems with the bottle threads gluing to the top. Its great for fretting, because it's so thin that it will run down the fret quickly making it easy to fret. Just watch out for the fingers, super glue remover comes in handy at time too.

T. C. Tyler  Portland, OR Read my reviews (6)
Customer supplied image for review
2 9-25-2010
Thin Super Glue

The glue itself is fine, so are the other thicknesses. The thin is a lot of trouble because it seeps into the threading of the nozzles. I tried to replace the entire end, not just the cap. It was permanently glued onto the bottle so when I tried to unscrew it, it just tore the bottle apart. So each bottle I get, I only get in about 1/3 of the way and the bottle is unusable. So - the glue is fine, but the bottles aren't.

Aaron C  Virginia Read my reviews (2)
4 9-08-2010
Great glue, but need replacement bottles

I use these glues for all sorts of jobs in the shop. They are absolutely invaluable. That said, the screw-tops have a tendency to seize because the glue grabs in the threaded area. At that point, the whole top will snap off before the bond will give way, at which point i have to use a teflon plug to seal the bottle and a pipette to use the glue. I'm sure this could all be avoided by regular cleaning of the threads and top with remover, but that's an extra step and more exposure to solvents. It would be a GREAT addition to the catalog to offer replacement bottles.

Steve Ruhl  New York, NY Read my reviews (2)
5 9-02-2010
Name change request...

Super(b) Glue :))

Carl S  NY, NY
5 8-27-2010
Worked well for me

Used this glue to install MOP inlay and repair a couple of small spots on an ebony fingerboard. Doesn't dry as fast as traditional superglue, so I had some time to work with it.

CRMandomaker  Castle Rock, WA Read my reviews (2)
5 8-12-2010
Black Opaque super glue

Can't live without it. Great for filling wormholes in dark wood, and flaws in ebony or other very dark woods.

GML  Bloomington, IN Read my reviews (2)
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