Diamond Fret Levelers

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Industrial diamond-coated steel blocks. Excellent for putting a razor edge on chisels and knives, we discovered they're also great for leveling frets!

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Industrial diamond-coated steel blocks. Excellent for putting a razor edge on chisels and knives, we discovered they're also great for leveling frets!

These diamond-coated steel blocks are manufactured as tool sharpeners. Available in three models, the cutting surfaces are a bit finer than our other diamond-coated fretting tools. They always remain flat, and won't break, chip or crack.

Each leveler is 6" x 2" x 1/4" (152.40mm x 50.80mm x 6.35mm).

Works on stainless frets, too!
All of our tools are suitable for use on stainless-steel fretwire, with the exception of our Fret Tang Nippers and Fret Cutters. Modern stainless-steel fretwire is known to be harder than the traditional nickel-silver blends, but our own shop experience indicates the wire does not cause premature wear of files or sandpapers.

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Diamond Fret Levelers

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Great stuff!

By Thumpin_P from Limestone,  TN
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Works very well!


By T Jones from Chester, MT
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wow... Used it for fret level on a compound radius board.. Heard it works well.. it does!!!!

For Me, a One Trick Pony

By Jib from USA
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, February 14, 2013

I bought the coarse grit file and wanted to use this for leveling, but found I still prefer my mill files. I found the large width of the file a bit cumbersome for moving across the arc of the frets. However, for flattening the radius on the higher frets to eliminate buzzing/fretting out, this thing is *perfect*. The width covers just about the whole length of the frets, so if you hold it in the center while you file, you'll only take off the high part of the radius in the middle while leaving the lower outside parts alone. You just hold it in that one position, file back and forth, and you can go as little or as much as you want depending on how flat you want to make the frets. With a narrower file, this job takes a lot more finesse to get it perfect. This tool basically does it for you. For flattening the arc of the frets to help eliminate that infamous high E string fretting out when you bend, this file is a dream. I know that's a specific job, but for how well, how quickly and how conveniently it works -- and how often it's useful (very often) -- it's worth it to me for that alone. If you're comfortable using it for standard fretwork too, then that's even better. But despite preferring my mill files most of the time, I don't regret buying this file at all just because it does this one thing so well. In my opinion this is a great addition to any collection of fretworking tools.

Many good uses

By Central Coast Guitars from NSW, Australia
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, December 15, 2012

These are excellent to have handy not only for fret leveling small areas or going over the frets between a level and polishing, but also for sharpening small blades, etc.

Highly recommended

By Colt W. Knight from South Charleston, WV 25309
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, September 07, 2012

I have used diasharp stones for years to put edges on pocket/hunting knives and handplanes. After reading about them on Stew Mac, I now use the to level frets, remove fret sprout, and bevel fretboard edges. Thank you Stew Mac.

A real gem

By James Murphy from Plymouth England
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I purchased the extra fine and coarse grades and, as suggested by a previous reviewer, use them for sharpening chisels and plane blades as well as leveling frets and filing fret ends. Despite the shipping charges and UK tax these products were competitively priced with similar products from UK suppliers

luxury fretwork

By Joshua Oudin from Denton, Texas
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, July 23, 2012

These are the greatest. At least buy a coarse. Fretwork is tedious, important, and time consuming. Buy the best of the best.

Love the leveler!

By Dave M from Los Angeles, CA USA
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, June 11, 2012

I've used this leveler on several guitars, and it makes short work of any fret filing I have to do! Easy to use, great quality and an outstanding value! I have the 800 grit, and I can see the 1800 grit being mine also in the near future!

Works great!

By Robmase from Charlotte, NC
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, May 19, 2012

These are my favorite! Using the coarse, fine and extra fine in order on fret boards that are not too far out of whack. They also come in handy to sharpen other tools. Good quality and should last a long time. Highly reccomended.

needed in shop

By Set-up Technician from Solon,Ohio
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, November 06, 2011

very useful for many jobs.

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