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Dan Erlewine's Fretting Series

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Learn professional guitar repair! Complete instruction from fret basics like installation and dressing, through complex refrets and fretting for the production shop.

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Dan Erlewines Fretting Series
Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5611 Fret Basics DVD Yes

5612 Advanced Fretting, Vol. 1 DVD Yes

5613 Advanced Fretting, Vol. 2 DVD Yes

5614 All 3 fretting DVDs Yes

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Fret Basics covers fret dressing and refretting with basic tools. Dan describes it this way: "With basic tools and simple skills, you can do excellent fretwork. This DVD shows you how."

Advanced Fretting will teach you how to do professional-level work on tricky fret jobs. This is practical training for everyone involved in guitar repair. Advanced tools are demonstrated in use on real jobs, so you can decide what you really need for the work you do.
Vol 1: Complete acoustic and electric refretting.
Vol 2: Additional advanced techniques for the professional.

Each DVD is 2 hours. Sold individually or SAVE when you buy all 3 DVDs!

These DVDs are not "region-specific," and are intended for worldwide use.

Dan Erlewine's Fret Basics

"Watch this video before you invest in fret tools, and you'll know what to buy." — Dan

The focus of this video
Quality fret dressing and re-fretting with basic tools, on a budget, and in a "home-shop" situation.

Information covered
Controlling a hard-to-adjust neck
Simple straightedges and leveling tools
Tabletop neck-jigging
Fret removal
Measuring and fitting fretwire
The basics of leveling and dressing frets
Techniques for fretting bolt-on electrics and "set-neck" acoustics

Dan Erlewine's Advanced Fretting Vol. 1

"I pull out all the stops on this tape and share every trick I know. Some of these I've never shown anyone before. You'll feel as if you've spent several weekends in my shop working with me on some tough fretjobs!" — Dan

The focus of this video
Beyond the information covered in Fret Basics. Professional-level work on tricky fretjobs.

Information covered
Heat-straightening a warped neck
Compression fretting using a hammer and the fret press
Controlling a nonadjustable neck in the Neck Jig
Fretting a bound fingerboard
Very difficult truss rod fix
Vintage fret job considerations
Crowning and polishing frets
A low-fret job for Leon Rhodes

Bonus: See and hear Dan's hero Leon Rhodes play. Filmed in Nashville, this is a mini guitar lesson you shouldn't miss.

Dan Erlewine's Advanced Fretting Vol. 2

"I simply couldn't fit all the fretting tips and techniques - nor the variety of fret jobs - that I wanted to share in just one advanced fretting tape. Read the tape descriptions, and you'll see why. For example, would you miss 'Fender Sideways Fretting'? No way!" — Dan

The focus of this video
Additional advanced techniques for the professional.

Information covered
•  Refretting, leveling, crowning and polishing frets in the Neck Jig
•  Fretting for the production shop
•  Using an arbor press for fretting
•  The Fender "sideways" fretting
•  Tips from luthiers Michael Stevens, T.J. Thompson, Frank Ford and
Bryan Galloup

These DVDs are not "region-specific," and are intended for worldwide use.

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 Ratings and reviews
Dan Erlewines Fretting Series
Dan Erlewine's Fretting Series
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 20 ratings Write a Review
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4 5-12-2012
Still too advanced.

Great detail, just would like to see more dvd's in this much detail leading up to fret repair.

palsh  Goose Bay, NL Read my reviews (5)
5 11-24-2011
Great start for me!!

This video series removes the mystery and intimidation of fret work. Great stuff!!

drjkmart  New Orleans, LA Read my reviews (2)
4 9-08-2011
You only need two of these...

Ok, i really like these vids, have them all already...Basics and Advanced 1 cover pretty much EVERYTHING you need to know to get started and get pro results, nothing else to say here. Advanced II is just redundant stuff...Production fretting?? How to use files and tools?

Go to the first ones and you'll adapt the info to any of the situations you might encounter as a repairman. Perfect combo: Fret Basics, Advanced Fretting 1 and the book FretWork Step by Step Edition II...these three will get you from padawan to Fretting Jedi very quickly.

David Bohorquez  Maracaibo, Venezuela Read my reviews (7)
5 7-26-2011
All you need to start your journey to Fretland

Anyone watching these videos without being able to at least do a fret dress by himself or herself should really seek some professional help!!! very helpful, lots of info and the most important thing: NO NONSENSE APPROACH TO THE JOB

David Bohorquez  Maracaibo, Venezuela Read my reviews (7)
5 5-26-2011
The Fretwork Bible!

Dan's series have taught me about anything i know about fretwork, and if i do good fretworks now for friends and customers, i own it to the Man (and to my own mistakes as well). not to mention the super clean and professional photography and editing work that help you understand better any single step.

i sometimes watch it just for the viewing pleasure!

no Dan's DVDs? no fretwork learning. period.

StewMike  Italia Read my reviews (11)
5 4-01-2011
got my moneys worth

the video was better than i could ever hope for this was the best info that any body would ever want from a video.i will be order the tools i will need.better tools better fretting job.thanks so much dan.robert

robert dixon  orange tx
5 3-16-2011
Advanced Fretting Vol 1 & 2

Great DVDs, it completes my previous Fret Basics. A must have for those who want to do great fret jobs. I really like to see how Bryan Galloup works, very fast, very accurate. Thanks stewmac.

Daniel Mubarac  Manaus, BRAZIL Read my reviews (2)
5 3-06-2011
Outstanding tutorial!

The great thing about these DVDs is, that Dan shows you EVERYTHING! No secrets, no hidden tricks. And, unlike the free online videos, these DVDs don't promote StewMac tools, Dan shows you how to make your own tools from stuff you can get at a good hardware shop or might find around the house (where possible).
I have been doing minor guitar repair work for years, but these DVDs took my work to an entirely new level and gave me a lot of confidence to do work that I wouldn't have touched before.
Also the instructions are very easy to follow and understand. The language is plain and simple.
If you want to learn how to do fretwork by yourself, these DVDs are worth every cent.

MoorMusic  Switzerland Read my reviews (44)
5 1-30-2011
Very nice

I recently picked up Dan Erlewine's Fretting Series DVDS. Great resource to have if your looking to get into the business. Thanks Dan for all years of wisdom and the willingness to share. I've learned a lot from you.

Dane Paul  Nashville Read my reviews (15)
5 9-30-2010
Excellent starter DVD

I got this since I'm learning how to build/repair guitars. Very good information on the basics. I'll definitely be picking up the advanced stuff later.

Ted  Baroda, MI
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