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Archtop Guitar Design and Construction

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With Robert Benedetto. Over 9 hours of instruction by a master luthier! This definitive multi-volume set features Robert Benedetto, renowned jazz guitar craftsman.

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Archtop Guitar Design and Construction
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The classroom format begins with wood selection, tap-tuning and handcarving of the plates. F-holes and unique archtop bracings are examined. Traditional tools and fixtures are demonstrated alongside modern machinery. Side bending, binding, neck construction, inlaying, fretting, finishing and setup are detailed.

This series was edited by Ed Benson, publisher of Just Jazz Guitar magazine.

DVD edition with bonus material! Archtop Guitar Design and Construction comes to DVD in a new 4-disc set with easy menu selections. As a bonus, the DVD set includes Focusing On Bridges and Tailpieces, Bob's 80-minute examination of archtop guitar bridge and tailpiece design, and its effect on playability and sound.

SAVE when you order Benedetto book and DVD set!
Bob Benedetto's best selling book Making an Archtop Guitar includes sections on wood selection, tap-tuning and plate graduation; tools and fixtures; bracing; finishing techniques, and marketing advice for the luthier. Each step in construction is fully described, with detailed illustrations and fine photography (special color photos of Bob's guitars, too). 276 pages, softcover. Making an Archtop Guitar is also sold separately.

These DVDs are not "region-specific," and are intended for worldwide use.

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Archtop Guitar Design and Construction
Archtop Guitar Design and Construction
5 out of 5 stars
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5 1-18-2014
Excellent DVD and book

These days it is not difficult to get information on how to build an arch top guitar. The internet abounds with it and classes can easily be had. While I wouldn't suggest building a guitar with this as your only reference I would also not suggest building one without it. I found the DVD especially helpful and watching the master handling the wood and tools and talking about what he was doing makes the book nearly irrelevant.

Jeff Chumley  Dunkirk, MD Read my reviews (2)
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5 8-30-2013
Great Title

I purchased the book and DVD set, and I very surprised about the great quality of information I have found compared to price. Where I live is almost impossible to get any information about archtop guitar construction if you are a self teaching person, and this is a great source of information. I highly recommend it.

Double-edge Nut Files Set  Argentina Read my reviews (2)
5 8-24-2013
Almost priceless

For a video shot in the 90s this one is superb. My Blueray player upsamples it to 1080p, and there is sufficient information in each frame that each frozen frame is completely sharp - a brutal test to impose on media that was originally released as VHS. Naturally, when set in motion it is very very clear. But that is simply a means to the end. That end is watching Bob Benedetto at work, conducting a master class in the construction of one of his archtop guitars. This DVD puts the viewer "there", in the middle of the class, at a fraction of what it must have cost. But value is added because you can repeat part or all of it as many times as you wish. I have not checked, but would be surprised if Bob Benedetto even offers classes like this any more. But the real test of value, once these issues are settled, centers on the content itself. And that is where the DVD soars. The raw information offered is best measured in terms of boatloads. Benedetto is one of the grand masters of a craft and art that is not well documented, making his contribution that much more important. He possesses the gift of gab - he is a natural with respect to keeping an audience interested. More value. The economy of his shop will amaze you. No CNC machine, no $500 planes. Just common power tools, sharp hand tools, a few simple shop built jigs, and a man with good hands and a great brain. Did I say I liked the DVD?

John L  Kalamazoo, MI Read my reviews (15)
5 9-08-2012
Archtop Guitar Design and construction

I just finshed my first Archtop Guitar project and I used all Stew Mac tools ,wood , color tone and parts for the internals and I so proud for my finished products , also thank Benedetto for your great products helped me building my Guitar and Stew Mac , you sold and make great job thank you !

Yvon G Leger  Bertrand , N.B Canada
Customer supplied image for review
5 6-07-2012
Great Set

Great set, I suggest getting drawings also I am a about 3 guitars away from attempting to make an archtop, still the details in the drawings, along with Benedetto's dvd ,and book have made making my two piece body with laminated carved top, electric guitars much better, and the one neck I made using drawings, and Beneddeto's techniques came out very high quality

thrash50  Read my reviews (5)
5 12-15-2010
Very good.

This is an excellent place to go to learn to build an archtop. I purchased it with the video, together they are an excellent resource.

jukinjimmy  Iowa Read my reviews (4)
4 11-11-2010
Felt like shop class

All the info is there but get the book and the dvd's. I read the book first, felt like something was missing. Then I watched the DVD's and it all made sense. It was very helpful to watch Benedetto actually build a guitar from start to finish, explaining what he's about to do in detail before demonstrating it. He's honest, funny and I am glad he wrote the book and filmed the DVD's to share his knowledge with us all.

My only problem is it's a little overpriced and the 9-1/2 hours of film contains a lot of footage that can be fast forwarded through. It's VHS footage thrown onto some DVD's. Thank God for chapter selection. One day I might edit the videos so I can watch it in half the time.

Bradley  canada Read my reviews (4)
5 8-08-2010
A wealth of information

At about 9 and a half hours there is much here to consider. There is also a bonus master class where Robert goes in to great detail about some of the mythology surrounding guitar building. He challenges some of the prevailing theories and shatters some of them. I can not recommend this more highly. It is well worth the price and I would also get the book. It contains full size templates and has ideas for special tools. A most worthwhile purchase.

pdbutler  Canoga Park, CA Read my reviews (11)
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