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Depth-stop Drill Bits

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Stop breaking off small screws! When that little tuner mounting screw breaks off, you'll wish you'd used the right size drill bit!

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Depth-stop Drill Bits

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Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
1717 Complete set of 7 SAVE $2.10 Yes

1710 1/16" / .063" / 1.59mm Yes

1711 No.50 / .070" / 1.78mm Yes

1712 5/64" / .078" / 1.98mm Yes

1713 No.44 / .086" / 2.18mm Yes

1714 3/32" / .094" / 2.39mm Yes

1715 No.38 / .101" / 2.57mm Yes

1716 7/64" / .109" / 2.77mm Yes

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Here's a versatile 7-piece mini bit set for avoiding catastrophes when you're installing tuners, pickguards, string trees, truss rod covers, pickup rings, and more. The closely spaced sizes let you choose exactly the right bit, a must for installing diabolically small screws in hardwoods such as maple, ebony and rosewood. As a bonus, each bit is color-coded with a handy movable plastic depth stop (you don't want to accidentally drill completely through your peghead, do you?)

SAVE when you order the complete set of 7

Here's a tip from our R&D luthiers:
If a depth stop sleeve loosens over time, remove it and put a little #10 thin super glue inside. Turn the sleeve to coat the inside evenly and tighten the inside diameter. Not too much glue—don't clog the sleeve. Apply a little paste wax to the bit and push it through the sleeve. You can spray a dash of super glue accelerator for a faster glue cure. The depth stop will fit like new again!

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Depth-stop Drill Bits
Depth-stop Drill Bits
3.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 17 ratings Write a Review
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3 9-30-2012
Depth Stops Could Use Some Fine-Tuning

So there is a tech tip saying that you can use some glue to hold the depth- stops in place after some wear. Fine. But my depth-stops were awfully loosey-goosey right out of the package. Not the end of the world, but a little annoying. Even so, I love dealing with StewMac.

RecordingKing  TX
4 3-12-2012
Depth-stop drill bits

Great idea! Some of the stops are sloppy and need a bit of tape to hold them. These will save "Oh no" moments!

Uncle Mikey  Canada
1 3-08-2012
Stop The Madness !

This is easily the most useless or defective product to come from your fine establishment . A "depth stop " that has NO grip on the drill bit is not a stop , it's just a guitar accident waiting to happen . A $1 drill bit that costs $5 could at least have a set screw ! Why not ?

Slide Area  California Read my reviews (2)
5 2-08-2012
Expensive but Worth it

This came in really handy when I built a guitar. It's nice to not have to worry about drilling through the headstock, etc. As another reviewer said they seem a bit high priced, but I couldn't find anything else that would do the job this well, and the whole set of 7 is a nice variety of sizes. I'm sure the price will be worth it over time.

bvdrummer  Read my reviews (2)
4 1-21-2012
Brain power saver

Stopping what you're in the middle of to fool around with measuring bit depth is a pain. These little guys allow me to keep focussed on the repair without worrying about drilling too far.

GuitarRepairShack  Calgary, Alberta Read my reviews (20)
5 11-23-2011

Indispensable, don't know what I did without these. The perfect bits for fearless depth accuracy! I used them to install locking tuners on an electric sitar using a hand drill ... nerve-wracking, but these were a great help.

Karma Jinpa  Asheville, NC Read my reviews (7)
4 11-09-2011
Great Stuff

These things make me doing less mistakes with drilling holes. Great - but it wouldt be much better if the shafts wouldt stick to the bits. They don´t do. 'So i´m giving "just" 4 stars, because the price is high and it couldt be better - but anyway: These are a must have for me and i´m happy that i purchased them!

Tomtom  Germany Read my reviews (2)
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