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Waverly Guitar Tuners

with Vintage Oval Knobs, for Solid Pegheads

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"The best tuning keys on the market."
—Tony Rice

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Waverly Guitar Tuners with Vintage Oval Knobs, for Solid Pegheads
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
1129 Nickel, 3L/3R Yes
3 or more $146.19  
6 or more $135.22  

4078 Relic nickel, 3L/3R Yes
3 or more $169.82  
6 or more $156.65  

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Waverly tuners offer modern precision with vintage style. The special relic nickel finish is perfect for vintage and reproduction guitars.

With Waverly tuners, your guitar plays in tune and stays in tune. Their acclaimed design, precise 16:1 gear ratio, long-life stainless steel/bronze construction, and smooth, reliable operation have made them the favorite of renowned guitarmakers and musicians for their finest instruments.

Martin, Gibson, Collings, Santa Cruz, Huss & Dalton, Sams, Bourgeois and other guitarmakers specify Waverly tuners for their top-line instruments.

Why do the pros choose Waverly tuners?

Smoother, more efficient tuning.
Waverly's renowned gear mechanism is second to none. Waverly tuners feature a proven, precisely machined design ensuring accurate, efficient gear alignment. Nylon worm gear bushings enhance the smooth feel. The result: looseness is eliminated—your guitar plays in tune and stays in tune.

Longer life with less wear.
Waverly's stainless steel worm gear and machined bronze alloy string post gear are more durable than the brass gears used in other tuners.

Vintage details.
The look is right at home on vintage-style instruments. Authentic "Vintage Oval" knobs (as found on the famous late-'30s Martin D-28 played by Clarence White and Tony Rice) are solid brass, not die-cast, with the historically-correct shape not found on other modern tuners.

The sturdy steel baseplates have the authentic 1930s footprint. String posts are vintage-style tapered 1/4"-diameter brass, with press-fit knurled brass hex bushings to fit 11/32"-diameter pegholes. Slot-head mounting screws complete the vintage look; there are no additional holes to drill on many older Martins.

The cure for sweet old guitars with cranky old tuners!
Waverly Relics make your vintage or reproduction instrument look and tune as good as it sounds. The special relic nickel finish has that authentic "played for 80 years" patina that makes shiny new tuners look out of place on a fine old guitar. Set of 3-left/3-right, with bushings and screws.

Conversion peghead bushings are also available for retrofitting Waverly tuners into larger Gotoh, Grover or Schaller pegholes, without doweling and redrilling. A Stewart-MacDonald exclusive!

Peghead Bushing Reamer for Waverly Guitar Tuners
Need the right fit? Our slow-speed Bushing Reamer cuts the correct 11/32" counterbore for trouble-free installation of Waverly press-fit peghead bushings.

To be sure these tuners fit your instrument, compare your existing machines and peghole dimensions to our listed specs to help determine the best replacement.
Waverly upgrade: replacing the factory tuners on your Martin
Waverly upgrade: replacing the factory tuners on your Martin
Waverly upgrade: replacing the factory tuners on your Martin Read more

In this issue:
Erick Coleman responds to a question in the online lutherie forums: What’s involved in replacing Martin factory tuners with a new set of Waverly machines?

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Waverly Guitar Tuners with Vintage Oval Knobs, for Solid Pegheads
Waverly Guitar Tuners with Vintage Oval Knobs, for Solid Pegheads
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 19 ratings Write a Review
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5 2-24-2014
I was skeptical and pleasantly surprised

I purchased a Martin HD-28V from a large well known retailer in 2012. The guitar was excellent except for the stock tuners. What I noticed was a terrible sticking of the “b” string tuner. And, after coming from stock closed tuners on a Larrivee, I didn’t know what to expect from open back tuners. The Martin branded tuners are manufactured by Gotoh and otherwise held their tuning “ok.” They did not feel as “smooth” (read: gear ratio) as previous guitar’s tuners. I checked the nut for binding and determined that wasn’t the issue. I attempted to adjust the tuners, and while there was some improvement, it wasn’t satisfactory. I had a repair technician look at it next. He fared no better. After assuming I would have to live with it until I could get a replacement from Martin, or send it in for warranty repair, I decided to research other tuner options. The Waverly tuners appeared to be the most respected among builders and aficionados alike. The cost is obviously higher than competitor’s models. So, I was skeptical that quality would justify the price. However, since I am down to one guitar, and I play weekly with a group, I decided that I would bite the bullet and do the replacement myself. I didn’t want to be without my baby, if I could avoid it. I am totally impressed with the quality of the Waverly tuners. Although it adds no musical value, the packaging is quite nice too. It makes you feel a little better about spending the money. The installation for this model of guitar is so simple. No change of bushings is required. The screw holes line up perfectly. I recommend you use the slightly longer screws that come with the Waverly’s. The extra bite into the headstock helps secure them. The fit within the stock Martin bushings is superb. The worm gear on the machines extends from end to end, which is the first difference I noted from the stock tuners. The weight of the new machines is hefty compared to the stock tuners, but not over so. The fastening of the posts is superior to the Gotoh machines. There is honestly no comparison, and I’m an engineer so I appreciate these things. I think Tony Rice said it best. "The best tuning keys on the market." —Tony Rice Go ahead... Buy them and enjoy them. The extra $100 won’t mean much if you enjoy the guitar for years to come.

GuitarDavid  Chicago, IL
5 1-22-2014
Waverly relics

I just installed these (vintage oval buttons) on my National Tricone Polychrome. I removed the horrible paint on it and took it down to the steel, and with filigrees of rust it looked like it was 100 years old, but the tuners were bright chrome. Putting these beautiful tuners on was just the trick to complete the 'restoration'! It sounds crazy, but removing the 'refrigerator paint' improved the tone and volume immensely, and the ancient look of the guitar matches the sound. The Waverlys are beautiful!

BradNorth  Canada
5 12-13-2013

I bought these tuners ( Waverly relic nickel) for my 1934 0-17 Martin. It fits and works great. Amazing delivery by DHL to Paris, France in 2 days! Thanks so much, Lionel

Lionel C.  Paris, France.
Customer supplied image for review
5 7-12-2013
Waverly Tuners - Vinatge Oval Knobs

I've replaced the original machines on my Martin 0-15m without any problems, they fit the original holes perfectly. They are marvelous! They work great. They look great. Love the oval buttons on the 0-15 - look like a work of art even the box they come in is impressive. Delivery time to Germany (3 days), package and the service and was sensational, support in fantastic speed and knowledge.Outstanding! Thanks´ Stewart-MacDonald & team

Carsten  Germany
5 11-18-2012
Perfect, as usual.

As always, service from Stew-Mac was great. The Waverly tuners also are great. They not only look beautiful on the guitar, they perform better than any other brand of tuners I've ever used. I can't recommend Stew-Mac, or Waverly tuners, highly enough.

StephenHD35  Indio, CA Read my reviews (2)
5 2-22-2012
Waverly Tuners - Vinatge Oval Knobs

I had heard the hype about these tuners for years and I thought to myself that there were NO tuners that were worth that kind on money. I WAS WRONG!! I finally tried a set on my Martin HD28V and have been so happy with them that I purchased a Butterbean set from Stew Mac for my D18V. BEST thing about them is MADE IN AMERICA!!! Thanks Stew Mac

Millie1974  Kentucky Read my reviews (2)
4 2-16-2012
Beautiful...with a caution.

These were a perfect replacement for the big clutsty looking butterbean Grovers on my '66 Martin D18. What were they thinking? Be wary though, my tuner posts had washers beneath the bushing which protected the finish, so they looked different after years of getting no light. The Martin washers didn't fit over the posts so they had to be reamed out. If your Martin has these washers, your bushing alone won't cover the disparity in the finish, so you'll have to live with it or adapt the washer. Otherwise, they work as smooth as silk and are more balanced looking.

Dave G.  Cooperstown, NY
5 12-10-2011
Great Tuners!

We love these tuners at Koentopp Guitars. They are efficient, well built, and one of the lightest tuners available. Not to mention great looking too.

Dan Koentopp, Koentopp Guitars  Chicago, IL Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
5 11-08-2011
vintage looks-modern performance

I've always wanted to try these tuners, so I used them to replace the Gotohs on my Martin D-18V. They fit the original holes perfectly, so installation was a snap. They're pricey, but smooth as can be, with no gear lash at all-quality stuff.

I had only one issue. On two of the tuners, the mounting plates weren't quite flat, so they didn't sit properly on the headstock surface. Fortunately, the plates are soft steel, so they were easy to flatten by clamping one end in a small vise, and using thumb pressure to bend them slightly. It's a small detail, but something to watch for.

Uncle Gary  upstate NY Read my reviews (8)
5 9-30-2011
Old for old...

Oval button relics were perfect to help revive a Harmony H78. Practically the same foot print as the original machines meant that careful reaming (for the larger bushings) placed the screw holes just right. They look like they've always been there but move like a dream.

Mark Vickers  Bristol, UK
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