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Waverly Guitar Tuners

with Butterbean Knobs, for Solid Pegheads

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The choice of renowned guitarmakers for their finest instruments.
"They hold their tune and look superb... of course I recommend Waverly."—Dick Boak, Martin Guitars

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Waverly Guitar Tuners with Butterbean Knobs, for Solid Pegheads
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
4060 Nickel, 3L/3R Yes
3 or more $132.38  
6 or more $122.58  

4060-G Gold, 3L/3R Yes
3 or more $182.62  
6 or more $168.78  

4076 Relic nickel, 3L/3R Yes
3 or more $155.96  
6 or more $143.88  

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With Waverly tuners, your guitar plays in tune and stays in tune. Their acclaimed design, precise 16:1 gear ratio, long-life stainless steel/bronze construction, and smooth, reliable operation have made them the favorite of renowned guitarmakers and musicians for their finest instruments.

Waverly tuners offer modern precision with vintage style. Try our relic nickel finish, an antique look for vintage and reproduction guitars.

Martin, Gibson, Collings, Santa Cruz, Huss & Dalton, Sams, Bourgeois and other guitarmakers specify Waverly tuners for their top-line instruments.

Why do the pros choose Waverly tuners?

Smoother, more efficient tuning.
Waverly's renowned gear mechanism is second to none. Waverly tuners feature a proven, precisely machined design ensuring accurate, efficient gear alignment. Nylon worm gear bushings enhance the smooth feel. The result: looseness is eliminated—your guitar plays in tune and stays in tune.

Longer life with less wear.
Waverly's stainless steel worm gear and machined bronze alloy string post gear are more durable than the brass gears used in other tuners.

Vintage details.
The look is right at home on vintage-style instruments. Authentic "Butterbean" knobs (a description coined by the late Martin historian Mike Longworth) are solid brass, not die-cast, with the historically-correct shape not found on other modern tuners.

The sturdy steel baseplates have the authentic 1930s footprint. String posts are vintage-style tapered 1/4"-diameter brass, with press -fit knurled brass hex bushings to fit 11/32"-diameter pegholes. Slot-head mounting screws complete the vintage look; there are no additional holes to drill on many older Martins and Gibsons.

The cure for sweet old guitars with cranky old tuners!
Waverly Relics make your vintage or reproduction instrument look and tune as good as it sounds. The special relic nickel finish has that authentic "played for 80 years" patina that makes shiny new tuners look out of place on a fine old guitar. Set of 3-left/3-right, with bushings and screws.

Conversion peghead bushings are also available for retrofitting Waverly tuners into larger Gotoh, Grover or Schaller pegholes, without doweling and redrilling. A Stewart-MacDonald exclusive!

Peghead Bushing Reamer for Waverly Guitar Tuners
Need the right fit? Our slow-speed Bushing Reamer cuts the correct 11/32" counterbore for trouble-free installation of Waverly press-fit peghead bushings.

To be sure these tuners fit your instrument, compare your existing machines and peghole dimensions to our listed specs to help determine the best replacement.
Waverly upgrade: replacing the factory tuners on your Martin
Waverly upgrade: replacing the factory tuners on your Martin
Waverly upgrade: replacing the factory tuners on your Martin Read more

In this issue:
Erick Coleman responds to a question in the online lutherie forums: What’s involved in replacing Martin factory tuners with a new set of Waverly machines?

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Waverly Guitar Tuners with Butterbean Knobs, for Solid Pegheads
Waverly Guitar Tuners with Butterbean Knobs, for Solid Pegheads
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 41 ratings Write a Review
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5 3-24-2014
The best there is!

Upgraded the Grover tuners on my Martin HD-28 with the Waverlys. The Waverlys are smooth as a safe dial! No slack or play at all! These tuners are worth every dime! I would recommend getting the suggested peg-hole reamer, it makes the installation a breeze! I only had to drill one extra screw hole per tuner because the bottom screw hole on the Waverly matched up perfectly with the old Grover tuner screw hole. I can't say enough about the difference in the mechanical substance or the quality of the Waverlys. Hands down the best there is! If you have a quality instrument, don't hesitate to upgrade with these tuners!

Larry Pryce  Rockingham, NC
Customer supplied image for review
5 2-20-2014
High expectations, fully met

I recently bought a Martin OM-28V. It came with Gotoh open tuners. Put these Waverlys on today. Wow, what a difference! The Gotoh's have no bushing between the tuning handle 'axle' and the housing. There's a little bit of play side to side. And they have a gritty feel when turning. The Waverlys have zero play, and perfectly smooth rotation. Also, they appear to be tensioned. Very high quality. I'll never go back.

Moosie  CT
5 2-20-2014
Great Product! Careful Installation.

This review is for those of you that are not Luthiers that are considering changing your old Gotoh tuners for Waverly tuners. The Product: I love these tuners. They honestly make all the difference with a professional instrument. The look is timeless and the functionality could not be better. The Installation: Be careful and know what you are getting into! If you decide to do this yourself, realize that you will need to buy a reamer and you will have to widen the holes on your guitar to make the new bushings fit. If you are not used to making this kind of modification on your guitar, this can be a very stressful process. Also, the old washers on the Gotoh Tuners may leave "Raccoon Eyes" on your headstock. With a lot, and I mean a lot, of buffing these can almost be fully removed. You then will need to drill pilot holes into the headstock for the screws. This is also a nerve-racking process on an instrument that you love. Installing the bushings is also no cake walk. Without the Brushing Press that Stewmac sells, this process is darn near impossible. Expect to spend at least $30 in materials on top of the cost of the tuners for installation. The Result: After much time and difficulty, I learned a lot about working on my guitar and don't regret the process at all. The tuners look fantastic and I couldn't be happier with them. One thing that I will note is that I purchased the larger bushings for Gotoh Tuners that StewMac recommends and did not need them. The guitar that I was replacing the tuners on is a Martin SP000-16R from 1998. The original bushing fit after a little bit of reaming. StewMac returned them without an issue. Final Word: Great Product, but not as simple to install as StewMac might lead you to believe.

Ben Harper  St. Charles, IL, USA
Customer supplied image for review
5 2-09-2014
For my 1936 Martin 0-17

In 1985 I bought a dream guitar: Martin's 0-17 made in 1936. It had a set of worn out Waverly tuners that would not hold tune properly. In consultation with my local luthier, we decided to replace them with Grover Rotomatics because those would fit in the same holes with no drilling. The Grovers were a definite upgrade, enabling this guitar to go out and play. They held tune fine but made the 0-17 head heavy, so I was never totally satisfied, but got used to it because the guitar sounds so good. When Stewmac offered these fine Waverly tuners I saw right away that they were the exact same thing as the old ones, which I had kept. It only took me about five seconds to make up my mind to restore my old Martin to its factory tuners. They work beautifully, and the guitar now balances perfectly, as it was designed to do. I'm very happy, and the Martin is still gigging with me. I believe that the tone actually improved when I put these on. And yes, they fit in the same holes and are the perfect tuner for this vintage guitar.

Michael Hough  Grass Lake, Michigan Read my reviews (3)
Customer supplied image for review
5 2-05-2014
well machined tuner

I installed these tuners on my Taylor acoustic because the stock tuners were not precise enough for my ear. The worm gear tolerances are tight with no play so you can tune to pitch and maintain the desired frequency. Because of their high quality, I believe that these tuners are priced fairly. I love playing music on the guitar, but only if the guitar stays in tune. This is why I appreciate these tuners.

nick costantino  safety harbor, florida Read my reviews (9)
5 12-11-2013
Nuthin but the best for my Martin 000-28EC

The Waverly Gold Butterbean Tuners from Stew-Mac along with the Bone Abalone bridge pins were the first and only modifications to my Martin 000-28. I gotta tell ya...when they arrived it was like opening a jewelry box there's no better way to describe it, these aren't just tuners, and I don't think the price is high at all for these golden nuggets that dress up any guitar they are on. Jewelry to a guitar, I even saved the box they came in! couldn't ask for anything more, I still can't believe how beautiful they are! (Precision at its best) and the bone abalone bridge pins made this Martin really open up! I can't say enough...again it's like jewelry, like fine jewelry! Also want to give a shout out to the staff at Stew-Mac these people are class and they are in a class all there own, there is none better, each and every one of them has my gratitude.

Jeff Mercer  Mentor Ohio
5 11-14-2013
Waverly Tuners

I bought these to replace the stock tuners on my 2012 D-18. What a difference!! The stock tuners were sloppy and would not hold the tuning. They were a dark spot on an otherwise wonderful guitar. I purchased the Waverly's and it is like a new guitar! The craftsmanship is impeccable, and the tuners work as smooth as silk! No slipping out of tune, no stubborn turning, just perfect! Money well spent.

K. Lanham  Buckhannon, WV, USA
5 10-31-2013
The Next Level

I have a complete devotion to my Guitars. I particularly love my Gibson SJ and J45 Custom. I will pull any and all open gear tuners to put Waverly Butter-bean Tuners in. In fact I have a set waiting for my Martin D 35.

Bluescat  Elk Grove
5 8-24-2013
Excellent for a 1982 Takamine EF360S

These tuning machines are of high quality. The tuners I replaced had been on their last leg for awhile. I decided to spend the extra money on these because I figure they will out last me. The Waverly Ferrules were too small so I drilled out the original Takamine Ferrules with a 1/4 inch titanium bit. The screws supplied were of great quality too and the screw holes lined up perfectly. I tuned up my guitar and I noticed that the pitch doesn't slip like it did before. A noticible difference especially if you are playing gigs and want your guitar to S.I.T.!!

R. Arthurs  Florida
Customer supplied image for review
5 7-10-2013
Waverly Nickel Butterbean tuners

Bought these as a way to further dress up a Martin OM-28 Marquis. They fit perfectly as a replacement for the stock tuners, and are as smooth as one could wish for. Top quality from Waverly every time.

dpetrzelka  Seattle, WA Read my reviews (2)
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