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Steinberger Gearless Tuners

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Improved string locking and 40:1 tuning ratio! Steinberger's unique "straight-through" tuner has no gears, and an astounding 40:1 tuning ratio for unparalleled accuracy.

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Steinberger Gearless Tuners
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5460 Chrome Yes
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5460-G Gold Yes
3 or more $134.98  

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Straight string pull eliminates winding. The locking knob on top secures the string to prevent slippage. String installation is fast and easy, and the tuning action is impressively smooth. Set of 6, instructions included.

Single pin mount keeps tuner from rotating, no mounting screws needed.
Requires 10mm (13/32")-diameter pegholes.

Minimum headstock thickness: 9/16" (14.30mm)
Maximum headstock thickness: 43/64" (16.89mm)
Maximum string gauge: 0.060" (1.52mm).

To be sure these tuners fit your instrument, compare your existing machines and peghole dimensions to our listed specs to help determine the best replacement.
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Steinberger Gearless Tuners
Steinberger Gearless Tuners
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 57 ratings Write a Review
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5 8-12-2011
Great Tuners!

Replaced the stock banjo tuners on a Firebird VII with these. They look great and the tuning precision is unbelievable. (Some assembly required. Drill not included).

dford  North Carolina
5 6-05-2011
Brilliant and original.

Used these on my Telecaster clone. Look great and work even better.

Jocko  Scotland Read my reviews (20)
Customer supplied image for review
4 5-24-2011
Steinberger 40:1 Tuners

I have a set on a 24.75" Telecaster. They have worked wonderfully for medium and light gauge strings and the tuning ratio is unmatched, However it should be noted that they get harder to turn as you go up in string gauges. Its noticeable when you use strings larger than a set of 11s.

AEL  Pennsylvania
5 5-01-2011
Excellent Tuners

I wanted these because I use a MIDI pickup on this guitar and it is really sensitive to the intonation. I have a Floyd-Rose on this guitar, and I don't like the locking nut on the Floyd-Rose (it's crazy to have to loosen or remove the lock plates on the nut to switch strings or do a good tune up), so I was very happy to find these locking tuners were available. They work great and allowed me to remove the locking plates altogether. They keep the strings in good tune for quite some time in spite of a lot of string stretches in my playing.

They are very smooth and comfortable to adjust. They look really sharp--everyone who sees the guitar now comments on that. They are a little tricky to install. You need to drill a small hole on the front of the head stock next to the mounting hole for the tuner to keep these aligned with the string. The hole is tiny (1/16" diameter), and it is very near to the circumference of the mounting hole, so it is tricky to line up the drill bit and not have it slip into the mounting hole as you proceed. It takes some caution and patience, but once you get through it it's great.

The hole that the strings pass through in stringing the guitar using these tuners is tiny, and it is hidden from view during the installation. It is even difficult to see it once it's all set up and it is exposed, and for a while I had myself convinced that they had missed the step of boring those holes on my set! The instructions could be a little clearer about what to expect, but stick with it, and you will find they are worth it.

One other thing: they advise using the tremolo bar to raise the bridge when you put on the high E string because of the string's tendency to stretch, but they don't give a good idea of how much to raise the bridge and it is tricky to do in the first place--having to raise the bridge, insert the string, hold it taut, and cut it to length is tricky with 2 hands! It would be handy to have an assistant available. I also over-did it on the stretch the first time around, and as I tuned the guitar up, the high E popped out of the bridge, and I had to start over on that string. That was very tricky to do once I had already cut the string to length, but I managed with some perseverance. I would just advise not getting too carried away with how high you raise the bridge to make up for the stretching of the high E string.

Rob Red  Cheshire, CT Read my reviews (4)
5 4-09-2011
Great on my Firebird

What's not to like? Relatively easy installation, less weight, and improved tuning stability - just as advertised!

Lebo  Atlanta, GA
5 3-18-2011

I've been using these tuners for nearly 10 years now. I can't fathom any serious complaint. Lightning fast on the restring. Hold tune regardless of style ( forget slippage issues). A bit slow to string at first but once you get the fundamentals (simple & quick) you won't go back to standard machines.

You do want to make sure the peg holes are spaced correctly. Easy on the wrist, no strain tuning. I can' figure out why these have not become the standard. Honestly they make traditional machines outdated. the 40:1 ration is precision tuning at it's best Oh yeah, techs hate them cause they can't put the old drill with key adapter on to de & re string a guitar. I don't want a drill going close to my headstock anyway ( or a tech for that matter). Ok I' rambling , buy them you'll like.

Martin Vincent  USA
Customer supplied image for review
5 3-15-2011
Finally!! Firebird tuners that work.

My 1976 Bi-centennial Firebird out mojo's the new ones with it's tone and feel, and now it can be used live, staying in tune!! All I expected and more. The guitar now balances perfectly, with a lighter headstock! Tuning is easy and precision. Wow!

Dogtowndave  Santa Monica, Calif
5 3-11-2011
Nice, but think twice!

You need bushings to install this on Gibson Firebird.

Deviron  Russia
5 2-23-2011
the most awesome tuner

These tuners are very ergonomic and require no wrist twisting to tune your guitar they allow the guitar to stay in tune better because they don't coil and with the new design they do not slip on the high e string.
Very reliable and easy to use when on stage . I won't ever use another type of tuner .

al  milwaukee wisc. Read my reviews (3)
Customer supplied image for review
5 1-09-2011
Awesome Improvement!

I had these put on by a pro and they are unbelievably easy to use and maintain! I tune a lot, and these tuners are going on every guitar I currently have, and any I may get in the future!

Guitar and Harmonica Player  Keymar, MD Read my reviews (4)
Customer supplied image for review
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