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Steinberger Gearless Tuners

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Improved string locking and 40:1 tuning ratio! Steinberger's unique "straight-through" tuner has no gears, and an astounding 40:1 tuning ratio for unparalleled accuracy.

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Steinberger Gearless Tuners
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5460 Chrome Yes
3 or more $89.98  

5460-B Black Yes
3 or more $89.98  

5460-G Gold Yes
3 or more $134.98  

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Straight string pull eliminates winding. The locking knob on top secures the string to prevent slippage. String installation is fast and easy, and the tuning action is impressively smooth. Set of 6, instructions included.

Single pin mount keeps tuner from rotating, no mounting screws needed.
Requires 10mm (13/32")-diameter pegholes.

Minimum headstock thickness: 9/16" (14.30mm)
Maximum headstock thickness: 43/64" (16.89mm)
Maximum string gauge: 0.060" (1.52mm).

To be sure these tuners fit your instrument, compare your existing machines and peghole dimensions to our listed specs to help determine the best replacement.
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Steinberger Gearless Tuners
Steinberger Gearless Tuners
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 57 ratings Write a Review
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4 4-13-2014

I just bought these gearless tuners. Easy to install, instructions were very good. I installed all 6 tuners in less than 60 minutes. String changing is fast and very easy. These tuners are rated 40:1 but I think the ratio is much less than that. I would like to see the threads on the machine shaft much finer which would make the tuning ratio much higher. I tune with a strobe tuner and for me the finer the tuning increments the better. Although the stated ratio is 40:1 I can easily pass the note and have to back up to compensate all within less than one turn. I would like to have to turn 3 to 4 revolutions per semitone to get the accuracy I am looking for. Overall a great product but I want much finer threads.

Frank White  Jacksonville, Fl
5 12-12-2013

I LOVE these tuners. I wish there were another discount for orders of more than 3 sets. At 10+ sets or something. Anyway, so you know, you can fit a 0.70 string in these (as pictured here).

AM  Hollywood, CA Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
5 11-23-2013
precise tuning

The Steinberger gearless tuners are very fine (the finest in gear) tuners for us who want to tune up our guitars precise, a bit of a downside to me was the fact that it was impossible to get Stewmac sending me 7 of them for my 7 string.. it's like going into a bar and only be allowed to order 6 beer.

5 9-02-2013
New tuners=transformation

Recieved the Black Steinberger Gearless Tuners within 7 days of ordering but just got the time today to refit my "76" Firebird. The instructions are not totally clear and/or complete but I am mechanically inclined so no biggy after a little tweak here and there. Difficulty for DIY 6 of 10. It's the RESULTS that are A-Freakin'-Mazing....this headstock heavy guitar and those danged stock banjo tuners made this guitar less than an enjoyment to play much less restring for the past 30+ years. Today I have a Brand New Guitar!!!! Stupid easy to tune, no more strap over the upper rear bout to hold the guitar in place and I believe the sustain has improved because of the increased down angle as the strings leave the nut. By all means if you own a Firebird put these tuners on it like yesterday BTW Steinberger ya'll need to put a hex key in the package.

gbopdlux  Va Beach,Va
4 8-23-2013
A Fine Tuner For Applications of Predicted String Alignment

Very nice locking tuners. Not so heavy as they appear. Will increase the downward angle at which the string passes over the nut, which translates to increased downward string pressure, etc. This is because the string passes into the tuner at the surface level of the guitar headstock rather than high on the end of a post. This design aspect can be of interest to those who seek to avoid the use of string trees in their project guitar. However, since the guitar's string is drawn centrally down into the tuner, rather than offset around the side of a post, those with existing tuner holes and strings trees may find that their strings don’t align as preferred. Similarly, obstruction of a passing string can occur on some 3x3 tuner arrangements, where string clearance was assured exclusively using a wrap around tuner.

As for the fit and finish, the black Steinbergers seem to have a nicer machined surface finish than the chrome, which leave something to be desired for chrome tuners costing as much as these do. Installation requires disassembly and re-assembly of each tuner, and the use of instructions to do this. If you can read you'll be fine. The photos are helpful. The instructions, however, don’t account for why four of the six tuners have two thin plastic washers each, and two of the six tuners have one thick plastic washer each? A single plastic washer is what the installation instructions account for. No matter, though, since they all work fine.

The Steinbergers use no screws to secure them, and so spare your headstock of any additional screw holes. Although a small hole is created for the stabilizing pin, this hole is covered up by the tuner or by whatever tuner you might prefer to use if for any reason you opt to change these out.

In short, the Steinbergers are a fine choice for applications where no string trees are desired, and where string trees and tuner holes line up as you expect and prefer. I rate the chrome version four out of five stars on account that the machine finish on this is not to the quality or degree one might expect of a tuner costing so much. I will say that the black machine finish appears appreciatively higher in degree quality than the chrome, and for this I would rate that tuner five out of five stars. I have no experience to comment on the gold finish.

stewbee  Milwaukee
5 6-15-2013
Steinberger Gearless Tuners Wow

I was recently having tuning issues with my USA Fender Telecaster and discovered that two of the factory tuners had gone bad. I wanted a change and went with the Steinberger Gearless Tuners. They were easy to install per the included Stewmac Instructions. Installed a new set of strings and the tuning fun started. I done a quick tune and run through the intonation and she's never played better and she stays in tune. This are very tuners and give your guitar a unique look. Thanks Stewmac for offering another great product.

Steinberger Gearless Tuners Wow  Carthage, TX USA
Customer supplied image for review
4 4-03-2013
stable tuning, teflon washers to reduce friction!

I used these tuners in a headless conversion. The plastic washers that come with them appear to be something like glass filled nylon. When approaching pitch, and especially on the wound strings, the tuners were hard to turn and have a lot of stick-slip friction. For applications where you can really grab each knob, it may not be as much of an issue, but for my application where the tuners are in a shallow cavity through the body of the guitar, smoother operation is preferred. To solve this, I made a set of Teflon washers to stack on top of the nylon washers, and that made a huge difference in the smoothness of tuning. I am not sure why anyone would use these tuners in a solidbody electric guitar, as there are so many good options for locking tuners that have a high accuracy. On the E and B strings, I usually have to do the tuning operation twice, due to string stretch. For banjos and 'unique' creations, though, these tuners are really cool and effective. For instance, I really enjoy the feel of a headless guitar, with the tuners located behind the bridge. It makes for a very well balanced instrument. The pictured TOM-style guitar has been chambered, and weighs a svelte 5.8 lbs. You can hardly feel that weight over your shoulder, and the neck does not 'dive' at all.

andrew gosline  cambridge, ma, usa Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
5 2-14-2013
Proprement excellent !

Rachetées à un utilisateur (Gibson Firebird) et montées sur une Samick FA2 Greg Bennett, plus de sustain, accord qui tient parfaitement.

Chapel-Sixteen  France (U.E.)
Customer supplied image for review
5 12-30-2012
Steinberger Tuners

I recently found a Gibson Firebird reissue. Love it but it didn't stay in tune. One o' my friends suggested Steinberger Tuners. Got em in Black. Well they were easy to install but The accuracy of these puppy's is awesome. And you can change your strings in like 5 minutes. Love these suckers. Best move I made for my beloved firebird.

Skeeter Pants  Fair Lawn, NJ
Customer supplied image for review
5 12-23-2012
Steinberger tuners for banjo.

Great tuners! For over 20 years I have played Irish tenor banjo tuned like a violin GDAE and always had problems tuning due to the very fine tolerances and gearing ratio of standard banjo tuners. I am also a guitarist and I teach Irish fiddle professionally here in Melbourne Australia. No problem tuning these but tenor banjo with standard pegs always was difficult before I discovered Steinbergers. My dream came true when I purchased an old Vega tenor that had been fitted with Steinberger tuners. I searched around and was told Stewart McDonald sold the tuners I was looking for. These are the next generation of banjo tuners. Buy them now and get them fitted. You will love them.

Sean Kenan  Australia
Customer supplied image for review
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