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Gripper Truss Rod Wrenches

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Dang! Somebody used the wrong size wrench, and now you can't adjust that worn Allen truss rod nut. Fear not, our Gripper wrenches can save the day!

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Gripper Truss Rod Wrenches

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  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
6107-G For 1/8" Allen nut Yes

6210-G NEW! For 1/8" Allen nut; single-bend with 2-1/4" reach for clearance on 6-in-line pegheads Yes

6113-G For 4mm Allen nut Yes

6115-G For 3/16" Allen nut Yes

6108-G For 5mm Allen nut Yes

6209-G For 1/8" soundhole nut; single-bend with 5-3/8" reach Yes

6211-G For 1/8" soundhole nut; triple-bend with 5-3/4" reach Yes

6212-G For 4mm soundhole nut; triple-bend with 5-3/4" reach Yes

6110-G For 5mm soundhole nut; single-bend; 2" reach Yes

6114-G For 5mm soundhole nut; single-bend with 4-1/2" reach Yes

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Each wrench has a 3/8"-long end that tapers from slightly undersize to slightly oversize, giving you a snug fit to turn the nut and avoid a costly replacement job.

Our veteran guitar technicians developed these high quality steel truss rod wrenches. The length, comfortable rubberized handles, durability and variety of sizes let you perform formerly difficult truss rod adjustments with ease. The straight wrenches are 12-1/2" long, keeping your knuckles safely away from the peghead.

#6210-G Gripper wrench has a special angled handle for tuner clearance on 6-in-line pegheads. For 1/8" Allen nut; 2-1/4" reach.

Special notes for the soundhole wrenches
4mm is for Hot Rod truss rods. #6110-G is for pre-August 2007 Martins; #6114-G and #6212-G are for later Martins. Triple-bend wrenches provide clearance under the guitar's braces.

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 Ratings and reviews
Gripper Truss Rod Wrenches
Gripper Truss Rod Wrenches
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 40 ratings Write a Review
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5 2-22-2012
stripped out truss rod nut

old fender truss rod nut, hadn't been moved in years; 1/8 allen wrench rounded it out inside slightly; aaaarrghh! Read about Gripper wrenches on line, bought the 1/8th size. Cut back the tip till it was a tight fit, took off two of the guitars tuners(strat)to make room for the wrench's shaft; PERFECT. Really saved my bacon. Didnt have to take out the walnut plug etc. Couldnt have hoped for a better result.

matt.t.  new zealand Read my reviews (3)
5 1-06-2012
Truss Nut Woes

Was setting up/cleaning a late '70s Jazz bass. Nearly finished the set up...when my allen wrench failed. Well, wasn't the Allen wrench that failed... I quickly ordered this along with a new bullet truss nut in 1/8" The first attempt didn't yield much more than my allen wrench. So I wound up gently tapping it in a bit to get a better bite and Voila!!!!! it came right out. Never EVER going to be without this...and will most likely order the rest of them

Russ in Dallas  Dallas, TX Read my reviews (9)
5 11-30-2011
Very helpful

Good design, fits the hand well, simple and effective. What ALL tools should be.

Robb  Ambridge, PA, USA Read my reviews (8)
5 11-22-2011
this should be the one to get...

I could see that the truss rod allen screw was starting to round out... this tool effortlessly allowed me to adjust the truss rod without stripping or slipping.

Highly recommended, if you need a truss rod wrench, get one of these.

Muhammad  New Zealand Read my reviews (11)
5 11-06-2011
Works as advertised

Used it on a stripped Epiphone truss the day I received it. Cannot imagine the cost of replacing the truss rod, so this little tool presents a good business case.

Andrews Innivations  Jennersville, PA Read my reviews (2)
5 9-22-2011
Just get them!

I found the set to be my go to truss rod key. Truss rods are never consistent and even if its 1/8 it does not mean a 1/8 key will fit. I would recommend these over the standard hex set. They paid for themselves with two setups. I wish they had the sizes printed on them, but a marker took care of that.

Gabriel's Guitar Repair  Dallas, TX Read my reviews (18)
5 7-28-2011
Super Wrench

The Perfect tool in case of worn out Fender Dual Action Truss Rod nut (what a Crap!)

Ol'Caster Custom  Saint Nazaire, France Read my reviews (3)
4 7-09-2011
Great wrench after a little tweak

I used this for my 2004 Highway 1 Strat which had it's rod jammed. As I lost the original Fender key I initially tried a regular 1/8 allen key but the hex was fractionally too small, which resulted in the key becoming worn.

I got the Stew Mac 1/8 truss rod wrench but the length of the taper was a little too long for the depth of the nut so it couldn't grab the nut properly. I filed away some of the length of the wrench and then it worked perfectly.

black francis  France
5 5-19-2011
Saved my Strat!

my truss rod had been stripped for a year or so and nothing would work until I found this tool. Worked like a charm no slipping or any more damage done to truss rod. Thank you StewMac

Dylan G  Indiana Read my reviews (2)
5 5-19-2011
Strat Truss Rod

Great service, knowledgeable nice people i dealt with, and fast delivery. they have my business from now on

olin miller  frankfort ky
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