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Guitar Repair Vise

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The luthier's favorite vise is even easier to use, thanks to custom modifications: bearing-smooth operation, fast crank handwheel, and urethane/hardwood swivel jaws.

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Guitar Repair Vise

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Custom modifications make it the best!
Don't mistake our vise for one of the many copycats! We've customized our Guitar Repair Vise to give it bearing-smooth operation that you won't find elsewhere. Turn the fast-crank handwheel and you'll immediately feel the difference.

Customized four ways:
1. Fast-crank handwheel with removable handle
2. Roller bearings for fast smooth opening/closing
3. Protective urethane surfaces on custom hardwood jaws
4. Nylon-core adjustable tension nuts control 360° jaw rotation

A good vise is the central hub of your workshop. Every repair or building job benefits from a solid, secure vise, and if it's actually a pleasure to use that's all the better!

Our Guitar Repair Vise is 32 pounds of steel that rotates full-circle to position the work for comfortable access. Each inch-thick hardwood jaw rotates too, with forgiving urethane surfaces to hold instruments of any shape/any size. This vise holds a the tapered angles of a neck securely without needing any shims. Nylon-core adjustment nuts set the tension on the rotating jaws, so you can let them spin loosely or hold their angle. The vise jaws open to a maximum of 6" (15.24cm).

We've built in a roller bearing so the vise opens and adjusts smoothly - and added a crank handle to make it speedy. (The handle's conveniently removable, too.)

The sturdy base can be installed under your workbench for 8" vise height, or on top for 9-3/4" height. The threaded mounting rod and large wingnut mount the vise quickly on any benchtop up to 4-1/2" thick.

Extra parts for the Guitar Repair Vise available.
Replacement parts for your vise and upgrading older vises.

SAVE when you order the Vise and ShopStand together!

ShopStand and Guitar Repair Vise Set is the perfect combo to set up your vise to be a sturdy, 360-degree swiveling money saver!

New ways to use the Guitar Repair Vise
Dan Erlewine’s been teaching his vise to do tricks!
New ways to use the Guitar Repair Vise Read more

In this issue:
In this issue of Trade Secrets, Dan makes his Guitar Repair Vise sit up and roll over. Who knew cast iron could be so flexible?

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Guitar Repair Vise
Guitar Repair Vise
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 61 ratings Write a Review
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3 3-20-2012
It's OK but don't expect too much

The vise is about what I expected from reading previous reviews. Rough castings, low quality machining, and bad paint job. I took the vice heads off, cleaned paint off the machined surfaces, and lightly sanded the rough spots where the machining was poor and regreased. This improved the action of the rotating heads quite a bit. Ensure you keep the adjusting nuts just slightly less than snug. Anything less than snug and the vice faces will not seat properly when the vise is closed and anything more than snug and the vise faces will not rotate to self-align.

The casting of my vise handle is particularly rough, but it works. My vise does not appear to have the bearing labelled #2 on the Stewmac picture (the roller bearing on the handle shaft). Perhaps there’s a bearing inside the handle but I didn’t take it apart to see.

My vise has a light gauge stamped steel baseplate/foot instead of the cast foot shown in the Stewmac picture.

GolfSteve  Calgary, AB, Canada
Customer supplied image for review
5 2-23-2012
Great vise

Just like in the GUITAR REPAIR VICE video, you will finish your luthier tasks with a quickness and be partying down just like Disco Dan Erlewine.

c2  SF bay area
1 2-15-2012
Stew-Mac Guitar Repair Vise Uncranked

Lotta money for a big red poorly designed and severely misrepresented guitar-damaging device. Not at all like Dan's, no. More like a Blacksmith's tool bending vise. The supposedly guitar-safe urethane pads are just a bit less damaging than the raw steel jaws. Screwed up a Hamer Artist Korina headstock first time out. Junk, pure and simple. If you've ever used a Real bench vise you'll know the action, build quality and manufacturing tolerances of the Stew-Mac vise won't do. I will send it back and I do not want a replacement. I still need a Guitar Repair Vise. This isn't it. I will not put my client's guitars even Near this thing! No. "Scrap Upon Delivery". Glad I didn't get the $400.00 version!

Fred Evans  Seattle, USA Read my reviews (2)
StewMac responds

We're sorry you had this experience with the vise and we appreciate your feedback. Your satisfaction with StewMac products is guaranteed. We have issued a full refund for the defective vise and we hope you'll continue to choose Stewmac for your repair needs. Thanks!

5 1-20-2012
Multiple Use More than a Vise

I put a nylon string into the vise holding it by the neck it was perfect for doing fret work; especially the dressing. No Shop should be without one or two. Great job Stewmac
Ms Ricki Leigh

Ricki Leigh  Pennsylvania Read my reviews (9)
5 9-14-2011
Great Vise!

It took me a while to warm up to this tool, as I had become accustomed to my parrot vise over the years. Well, the Guitar Repair Vise has grown on me and now gets used almost daily.

J. Travis Snyder Classical Guitars  Greenville, NC Read my reviews (3)
1 8-29-2011
Not as advertised!

Like a few others: First one was a train-wreck. Customer service apologized and was great to get me a second vise and pay shipping, but the second vise was also a lemon. I had to tear them both apart and swap parts to make one functional. Would not buy this product again. I paid the higher-price and chose this over competitors expecting a better product and not having to waste time getting it to work.

Middleton Guitars  Southern California Read my reviews (51)
5 8-14-2011
Great Vise

This workout to be a great Guitar vise, It is bulky and heavy with a steel cross bar that made me nerves at first but placing a piece of leather on the cross bar gave me piece of mind.

BGMcAttee  DeWitt, MI
5 7-08-2011

The vise works well. But the best is the unbeatable service of Stewmac!
A Thanks to Matt Street.
Greetings Peter

Linus a passion for guitars e.U.  Austria Read my reviews (2)
5 7-01-2011
Great Vise

This is a really good vise and well worth the price, made my work so much easier.

Eric T  West Richland, Wa
5 6-30-2011
That's better!

Thanks very much. The second vise is completely different - smooth to operate with one hand (an essential requirement as the other hand is holding the guitar!) Thanks to all at Stewmac - my faith is restored!

Colin  Cumbria, UK Read my reviews (6)
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