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Binding Router Guide

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Great for archtop instruments! Works where a standard router base can't. Fits Dremel and Black & Decker rotary tools. Router Bit sold separately.

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Binding Router Guide
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This versatile attachment was designed by our own Don MacRostie for use with our Binding Router Bit. It screws onto the Dremel tool, and its thumbscrew-adjustable edge guide lets you cut an accurate ledge for any binding thickness up to .220".

Made of precision-machined aluminum and brass, it's great for routing the edges of archtop instruments, where a standard router base won't work. It installs easily on Dremel MultiPro™ or Professional rotary tools (and Black & Decker Wizard™/RTX™ tools), replacing the threaded plastic collar on the tool housing (fits 12 threads per inch).

Designed to be used with 5/16" diameter carbide-tipped Binding Router Bit.

Piloted Binding Router Bits also available.

"Which binding tools should I choose?"
"Which binding tools should I choose?"
"Which binding tools should I choose?" Read more

In this issue:
Erick Coleman answers a frequent question from customers: Which tools to use for routing channels for instrument bindings?

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 Ratings and reviews
Binding Router Guide
Binding Router Guide
4 out of 5 stars
Based on 32 ratings Write a Review
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3 9-21-2011
Needed a jig

Well, as other rewiewer said, this tool isn't the best tool for professional binding work. The tool alone makes very uneven surface, maybe you should take 2-3 passes for the recommended binding depth. The result is so-so.

I got the idea to fix the problem with a dremel stand. I bought it very cheap at the local toolshop for about 30 bucks. It holds the dremel very good, it will not move during work sideways. I take out the spring of the drill stand, so the dremel will move permanently down, followin the surface because of his weight. With this idea i got a very even and professional result. The channel is percectly straight and the surface is even. Only 3 stars, because the tool alone doesn't work for me.

Mack Guitarworks  Hungary/Europe Read my reviews (11)
Customer supplied image for review
3 8-25-2011
Binding jig

The small contact patch of this jig is the whole point of having it in the first place. It allows you to get into tight spaces. I like the tool but it always slips my height adjustment for some reason the depth of cut gets greater as I cut. You have to take very very small cuts as you approach your final depth.

redir  Blacksburg, VA Read my reviews (2)
5 6-18-2011

I'm not a luthier, just a guy that likes making instruments. This made binding for my Balalaika project easy. That's saying something because it's loaded with every angle imaginable and I have never installed binding before. It's not finished yet but you may get the idea

thom  palmdale,ca Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
4 5-07-2011
Dremel binding guide

Useful but tricky. The tool's footprint is too small and is unstable in use. Height adjustment is fickle but once sorted this can be a useful item in the workshop.

Kenny Fox  Perth, Australia Read my reviews (11)
4 4-25-2011
Better with the Plate

As promised, an update...

With the custom base plate, I got brave enough to tackle the first cut of the routing on the top and back. The plate gave enough stability that I was able to successfully get the first cuts done and am setting up to do the second cut for the inner binding.

Having a baseplate for this tool is CRUCIAL as attempting to do this without would have been fraught with peril.

As noted by me and others, the tool itself is simply NOT stable enough to be used by a noob without wrecking the wood. The problem is that the contact patch of the tool is so small that it appears virtually impossible to use it without "rocking" and once you rock it, the cut goes deep.

More to follow.

Weej  Santa Clara, California Read my reviews (3)
5 4-19-2011
Binding Router Guide

An excellent well made tool. It does a very nice job, as long as you use it carefully. Just two suggestions, #1 the center hole needs to be larger, so it will work on all Dremel corded tools. #2 the roller screw needs to be locktited so it won't vibrate out.

Joe Comroe  Longview Tx. Read my reviews (2)
2 4-07-2011
Hard to use tool

The concept is good and with the custom baseplate I had made up I have high hopes for this tool.

First, let's be honest. perhaps if I had 20 years of guitar-building experience I could use this tool the way it comes. The reality is that I simply cannot.

As noted by other buyers, this little thing has such a small contact patch that it rocks like crazy and when it rocks, in ANY direction, the cut is uneven.

Thanks to the other buyers, I tried it out on some sample stock first and quickly learned that I did not have enough hand-eye coordination to even THINK about using it on the Martin 000 kit I'm building.

Lucky for me the head machinist here is a guitar nut and heard I was building the Martin. I showed him this tool and explained the problem. He suggested a lexan base with set screws to hold the tool in place (just like a router base). He even had the crew make one up.

The photo shows the Stewmac tool mounted in the lexan base. The machinists cut three flats on the tool to provide a stable base for the set screws and I'm going to give it a try this evening on some scrap stock.

I'll post results if you can stand it.

Weej  Santa Clara, California Read my reviews (3)
Customer supplied image for review
5 3-05-2011
Binding Router Guide

Haven't used it to set a binding yet but did have to use it to remove a back. It worked good even though the back was ruined, it still saved me many hours of removing with a razor saw.

Dan Randle  Coos Bay, OR Read my reviews (2)
5 3-02-2011
Makes the Job easier

The binding router guide and bit made the job of binding a Les Paul style body very easy. Slow and easy, a little at a time, and the edges were clean. After a few practice pieces you get the feel. Highly recommended.

John Schurman  Zeeland, Michigan
4 8-30-2010
Not bad tool

Difficult and not convenient adjustment,
but final result is not bad. I would improve this tool a little.

Alexandr  Kazakhstan Read my reviews (4)
Customer supplied image for review
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