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Neck Joint Routing Template For Fender

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For guitars and basses. Accurate template for Fender and guitars with bolt-on necks.

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Neck Joint Routing Template For Fender

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Dual-purpose: with patterns for both guitar and bass. Laser-cut acrylic with accurate centerline.

Use this template with our 1/2" Ball Bearing Router Bit to create a clean neck pocket for guitar or bass.

The template is slightly oversize to allow for variations in neck width and finish thickness. To rout a smaller neck pocket, reduce the template size by adding a few layers of binding tape. To learn more see instructions.

Note: both the guitar and bass routs are shaped for necks with radiused heels (Strat®, Jaguar, P-Bass®, J-Bass®). The guitar rout is not intended for use with Telecaster® necks (which have a square heel). Typical neck joint rout depth for a Fender® guitar or bass neck is 5/8".

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Neck Joint Routing Template For Fender
Neck Joint Routing Template For Fender
4 out of 5 stars
Based on 31 ratings Write a Review
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5 3-13-2013
Great Product

The majority of the negative reviews I've read on this site downplay the worth of this template because it is not cut to the exact size of their neck, but is cut 40/1000ths of an inch too large. If those same people would simply follow the instructions by applying binding tape to the inside of the template till it fits their individual neck exactly, they'd find that it is not just an incredibly accurate tool, but a versatile one as well. Needless to say, I am very impressed with this product.

Karce  Milwaukee, WI
3 3-13-2013
Was worth a shot

I knew I was taking a chance, but the template is too narrow for the Squire neck I am using in a current build. Would be nice if there was an option for templates sized for use with a router bushing.

Johtull  Houston,TX
5 2-02-2013
not sure how I did the job before I got this template

This template really makes it easy. The long centerline lets you line it up, and the sizing is spot-on.

alder  NJ USA Read my reviews (17)
Customer supplied image for review
4 8-20-2012
Good template - use patience and you're good to go

I used this template to build my first guitar. As I already had significant experience with other types of woodworking, it was easy to use with my router and 1/2" bearing bit.

The description was accurate, as the template was noticeably larger than the neck I used. However, as indicated in the video, it only required some patience and a few layers of tape to get a good fit. In my case, it was five full layers of duct tape around the inner edge, plus an additional two layers of duct tape in the corners only. I might have used a third layer of tape in the corners, as there is a gap just big enough for a single sheet of paper in the corner of my body, but otherwise, the final fit is perfectly snug and looks great.

I have no complaints about the template. Like others have said, it might have been nice to have it give a tighter fit, but this way you have plenty of room to work on.

Robert P.  Virginia Read my reviews (2)
4 7-06-2012
Neck Joint Routing Template

The key with this item is controlling the depth. It would be nice if it was a little thicker but then I'm sure the cost would be too much. Added another bearing on my router bit and used the template with some extra mdf to make it work. Once you have the right depth it works like a charm. Definitely glad I bought it.

JAT  Canada Read my reviews (7)
5 7-02-2012
fender templates

i have the full set and i use them to make thicker templates and keep these as masters.

lefty's rule  duluth mn Read my reviews (32)
Customer supplied image for review
1 2-08-2012
pretty plexi template

i ordered the template cause i wanted an acurate one, but man is this thing oversized or what? Forget about the tape, done it and still doesnt work right. Its funny cause i had done one my self by tracing the strat neck that i have, and still ordered this one thinking it would be better. Very dissapointing.

JHE  miami
4 1-26-2012

I'm getting one of these, but understanding there is a width variance, I will most likely minimize the variance using copper shielding tape (not binding tape which I feel has a gummier adhesive) then transfer the template to MDF thus creating a new and more accurate template.

I'd love to see Stew-Mac offer three templates, this one, one a tad smaller for a tighter fit, and a third that's angled slightly for angled neck pockets. Sell them as a three-fer.

uberaxe  Davie, FL Read my reviews (4)
4 1-11-2012
Good "BUT"!

The template itself is accurate but too thin which means you need to use spacers and then reset the template a second time which is a hassle and causes a margin for error. I save this as the Master and use it to make a 1/2" MDF Template so I dont have to use spacers. The worst thing I've found with plastic templates is that if a bearing decides to freeze up then it quickly melts the template side wall. Keep your plastic templates as "Masters" and use MDF. Just my opinion.

CJORDISON  NORWALK, CA Read my reviews (10)
1 5-31-2011

Have purchased a wide variety of high quality Stewmac products, but this neck template disappoints. It is deliberately cut oversized in order to accommodate variances in individual neck widths. In theory, a good idea, but in practice can create problems. Directions say to build up inside edges of template with tape until a tight fit with neck is achieved. I did so, but while routing a test pocket, the heat of the router bit bearing melted the tape adhesive which caused it to come loose, and the bit jumped, cutting into the acrylic, ruining the template. I ended up just tracing and cutting my own MDF template which worked well.

Dan O  St Louis, MO Read my reviews (6)
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