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Rear Peghole Reamer

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Counterbores the back of a 5/16"-diameter peghole to fit a Grover, Schaller or Gotoh sealed gear housing.

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Rear Peghole Reamer
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For Grover, Schaller and Gotoh sealed tuners!
Here's a tip from our luthier friend Bryan Galloup: Grover, Schaller and Gotoh tuners with threaded bushings should be installed in counterbored pegholes. A snug 5/16" diameter at the top of the hole stops the bushing from leaning under string pull, thus helping to protect the lacquer finish around the bushing washers. At Bryan's suggestion, we developed this special slow-speed steel reamer that accurately counterbores the bottom of the peghole to fit the gear housing.

The reamer has a .310"-diameter (7.87mm) pilot and two flutes that cut a .397"-diameter (10.08mm) counterbore in a 5/16"-diameter (7.94mm) peghole. When the reamer's piloted end is flush with the face of the peghead, the correct counterbore depth has been reamed.

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Rear Peghole Reamer
Rear Peghole Reamer
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 30 ratings Write a Review
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5 4-07-2011

This is the perfect tool for the job. My newest Les Paul came with old school push in bushing tuners.I'm an electronics guy, and messing around with Gibson headstocks makes me nervous. But this tool made it simple and easy. I took my time with a hand drill and everything came out great. And I have it for the future too, for about the same price I would have paid someone to do it. If you feel comfortable with a drill, get this, take your time and be careful.

Gavin  Shenandoah, Virginia Read my reviews (2)
5 4-07-2011

When I got my latest Les Paul I was surprised that it had the old style push in bushing tuners and needed to be reamed. I'm a good electronics guy, not so much on woodwork, but this reamer made the job extremely easy. I just took it slow and it worked out perfectly! And it's about the same as it would have cost to take it in and have someone else do it, plus now I have the tool to do it in the future as well! I highly recommend this to anyone.

Gavin  Shenandoah, Virginia Read my reviews (2)
5 2-28-2011
Very good

Very nice tool, works just as expected to fit Grover tuners perfectly using my drill press.

Ricardo Fonseca  SP, Brazil Read my reviews (8)
5 11-17-2010
very useful

You have to be careful with the cutting edge which is more of a scraper than a drill, but this is a brilliant device that I will be using from now on.

DanielBrauchli  Tasmania, Australia Read my reviews (3)
5 11-05-2010
Great time saving tool

I understand the benefits of stepped pegholes for modern style tuners (tuner stability and more accurate tuning) and had been drilling stepped pegholes with standard twist bits. This can be a little tricky and time consuming.

To use the rear peghole reamer I drilled the pilot hole with a 5/16" brad point bit to make a clean accurate pilot hole and followed up with the peghole reamer running at 760 rpm (the lowest speed available) in my drill press. The results were six clean, accurate stepped pegholes in a maple peghead in less than five minutes.

This is a great tool at the right price that works as described giving very good results in a very short time. Thanks StewMac!

Ken  Boise, Idaho Read my reviews (7)
5 10-25-2010

Used this on my Gibson R7 Les Paul Goldtop to install some Grover Rotomatic Tuners. Took a huge leap of faith reaming it, but it is perfect. Just take your time, be sure to be extremely careful, and everything will work out fine.

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT DRILL YOUR GUITAR! Buy this reamer, and do it right. I have seen horror stories (chipped, cracked, and split necks) from people who have drilled their pegholes instead of reaming them. This is the only way to go... Just make sure you take your time. Use a level and make sure that the weight of the guitar is even.

When you're finished you will be glad you took my advice. By the way, it's great to know that if I ever put the stock Gibson Deluxe tuners back on that it would be covered up and look stock/original. Also, it got here the next day, the shipping is amazing!

Micah Kesselring  South Bloomingville, OH Read my reviews (2)
5 10-14-2010
Great tool, time saver

This tool should last a long time if used and cared for properly. Just as sharp as new after doing 4 necks of VERY hard maple

Mill Creek Audio  Rydal, PA Read my reviews (4)
4 9-30-2010
Right Tool for the Job

I've recently made some tuner upgrades to some guitars and had to enlarge pegholes on some necks that had been manufactured with peghholes that would not accept modern larger diameter tuners. This tool worked well for me. One observation was that took a lot longer to ream through maple headstocks than mahogany. Use a good variable speed drill and don't force it and you should be fine.

JSarge  Attleboro, MA Read my reviews (4)
4 8-29-2010
Rear Peghole Reamer

I was so glad that such a tool exsisted as it looked so easy to use for a not so hard job.. Once i got it i put it to work. it was a dream om first 2 holes then after that it was a nightmare.. The les Paul then had to endure a one hour session of being forced drilling.. Overall i loved it but goin blunt so soon is not a good thing....

Joey  Sydney Oz
5 7-27-2010
A life saver (for a favorite guitar)!

When I needed to replace the tuning machines on a guitar I've enjoyed for about 35 years, I chose a set of Grovers. (Wouldn't you have?)
When I received them I realized that my guitar would need to have the rear of the peg-holes reamed due to the design of the Grovers. How to do it withour wrecking the guitar itself?
I searched the internet, and only found the Rear Peg-hole Reamer at Stewart MacDonald (a big retailer told me to bring it in, it couldn't be done at home.) The Reamer was inexpensive enough to be worth a try, and when it arrived promptly, I could see that it was a serious piece of machinery.
Being a player and not a Luthier, I was a little nervous about how the work would proceed, but once I put the reamer in my very basic electric drill, the Peghole Reamer did the work for me. Perhaps it's not fool-proof, but it's guitarist-proof, at least. It did a great job with no problems. It was a very good experience, and I felt great when I was able to complete the project successfully. Thanks, Stewart MacDonald, you've got the right stuff!

Jerry Welner  Bay Shore, NY
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