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Rear Peghole Reamer

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Counterbores the back of a 5/16"-diameter peghole to fit a Grover, Schaller or Gotoh sealed gear housing.

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Rear Peghole Reamer
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2059 Rear Peghole Reamer Yes

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For Grover, Schaller and Gotoh sealed tuners!
Here's a tip from our luthier friend Bryan Galloup: Grover, Schaller and Gotoh tuners with threaded bushings should be installed in counterbored pegholes. A snug 5/16" diameter at the top of the hole stops the bushing from leaning under string pull, thus helping to protect the lacquer finish around the bushing washers. At Bryan's suggestion, we developed this special slow-speed steel reamer that accurately counterbores the bottom of the peghole to fit the gear housing.

The reamer has a .310"-diameter (7.87mm) pilot and two flutes that cut a .397"-diameter (10.08mm) counterbore in a 5/16"-diameter (7.94mm) peghole. When the reamer's piloted end is flush with the face of the peghead, the correct counterbore depth has been reamed.

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Rear Peghole Reamer
Rear Peghole Reamer
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 30 ratings Write a Review
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5 2-08-2012
Smooth as butter!

Mounted it to the top of my drill and that's it - took me a whole 5 minutes, if not less, to ream out the holes for the Grovers I bought.

Comes very neatly packaged in it's own little tube so the blades won't get dull.

Really can't beat this for the price, would buy it over and over again.
Kudos for the fast shipping, too. Took the package only 3 days, that's right, 3!, from the USA to Germany.

Talk about fast delivery!

MrCptGonzo  Germany Read my reviews (3)
5 12-17-2011

Another great tool to prevent chipping.

Wilmer Gingerich  Jamesport MO Read my reviews (76)
5 11-30-2011
Great Reamer

I put this in a 1/2 inch chuck and used it by hand and this works perfectly. I would recommend this to anyone.

A. Scott  Tulsa OK Read my reviews (26)
5 10-28-2011
Rear Peghole Reamer

This is an amazing drill bit for installing tuning pegs. Nice clean cut and tuners fit snug and perfectly aligned.Dont know what I have done without this bit all these years.

Bill Pavetich  Ontario,Canada Read my reviews (5)
5 10-27-2011
Does a perfect job!

I used this reamer on my Gibson Les Paul to replace the stock Klusons with Grover Locking Rotomatics, and am very pleased. I did not even use a drill. I put the reamer in a tap wrench and turned it by hand. It's so sharp it cut through the mahogany like butter. I had the holes perfectly reamed in less than 10 minutes. The Grovers dropped right in.

BrianM  Los Angeles, CA Read my reviews (2)
5 9-25-2011
Simply Brilliant Tuner Hole Reamer... and MORE

I originally purchased this tool to counter-sink 5/16" string ferrell holes so ferrells install flush with the guitar back (see photo). Worked perfectly! I've just used it to counter-bore tuner holes in the headstock of an ash neck I'm working on for a lap steel guitar. Extremely EASY to use.

Cleanly drilled out the larger hole needed for tuners, while leaving a 5/16" hole on top for the threaded brushing that secures the tuner in the headstock. A 5/16" brad point drill bit used first, then this tool to complete the job. Simply brilliant, well designed tool.

Steve Jones  Allen, TX (NE of Dallas)
Customer supplied image for review
5 9-14-2011
Easy and Perfect Every Time.

I have had this tool for a while now and I have to say that it is not often that a simple tool like this actually improves your manufacturing process.
Smooth to use and no more double drilling and hoping nothing tears out.
I will not make any more guitars without using this too.

Kopp String Instruments  Catawba Island, Ohio Read my reviews (13)
5 8-13-2011
you need this!

Sure, you can enlarge the holes with regular bits, but why take the chance of them binding and chipping, or at worst splitting your headstock. You can quickly make a mess of things doing this. Buy this bit and eliminate the risk. It works beautifully and you'll be done with the job before you know it. It's well worth the price and it makes a dreaded job almost fun...

Barnhills GuitaRx  Nashville TN
5 7-20-2011
Works flawlessly

The fit and finish are excellent and it is reasonably priced. You'd have to be brain dead not to get this to work right.

Steve Yearsley  Bismarck, ND
4 5-27-2011
Absolutely worth your money to buy this tool!

I was replacing the tuners on an extremely rare 70's vintage japanese strat copy and bought a set of Gotoh P/N 1951 tuners. This reamer was perfect with one exception - the button head stopped the reamer just short of where it needed to go, so I drilled a hole in the wood I was using to support the neck, measured out how much further I had to go and marked it on the reamer with a loop of tape, and then gently finished the holes. That's the only reason for the 4 stars and not 5. Measure your needed hole depth first.

ALSO - when you are drilling, cover your neck and headstock with painter's tape to protect it, but use the weakest tape you can get and stick it against your shirt several times to weaken it even more; My tape pulled some of the lacquer off when I removed it! Be careful!

Joel_B  Syracuse, NY, USA Read my reviews (4)
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