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Double-edge Nut Files

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The most durable and efficient nut-slotting files available. Specially designed for nut slotting, each file cuts two different width slots.

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Double-edge Nut Files
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
4541 0.012" / 0.020" Yes

4542 0.026" / 0.032" Yes

4543 0.036" / 0.042" Yes

4544 0.050" / 0.060" Yes

4545 0.075" / 0.090" Yes

4546 0.105" / 0.120" Yes

4547 Set of 6 SAVE $11.72 Yes

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Each 9/16" x 7-5/8" (14.29mm x 193.67mm) steel file cuts on the edges only, and tapers from the center to a different thickness on each cutting edge. The set of six files does the work of twelve!

Sold individually or SAVE when you buy the set of all six files.

Rubber-coated handles give firm, comfortable control for the job. The complete set includes edge widths for filing round-bottom nut slots on most stringed instruments, including basses. Each file's cutting edge is approximately 3-7/8" (98.43mm) long.

What files do I need?
Choose nut slotting files that are the same size or no more that a few thousands larger than your individual string gauges. A smaller file can also be rocked side-to-side to widen a slot to the desired size. For example, you can cut a .043" slot with a .042" file by moving it around a bit.

The most popular Double-edge Nut Files are included in the Essential Nut Making Tool Kit, which has all the basic tools you'll need for shaping, string-spacing, slotting and fitting string nuts like a pro.

Tip: Customize your files
We recommend that you mark on each side of your files so while working you can quickly tell the different gauge of cut.

Here's how: make a cut on a scrap piece of bone or wood with both sides of the nut file, then measure the width of each cut with feeler gauges to determine which side is which. Guitar strings of known gauges will also work as measuring tools in a pinch.

Once you have determined the proper edge, mark the file accordingly with a permanent marker.

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 Ratings and reviews
Double-edge Nut Files
Double-edge Nut Files
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 75 ratings Write a Review
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5 3-21-2012
Double-edge Nut Files

Work excellent, even on man-made products.

Ken S.  Canada Read my reviews (4)
5 3-18-2012
Nut Files

These do a fantasic job. They are solid, easy to handle, and effortless to cut through bone, plastic, or graphite. Definitley a good investment. Only problem is that I would like to see them make a mark on which side is which... very small files should have that indicator. Latest build... a '51 nocaster. Oh you see the string tree and say WHAT? ? ? It's been replaced with the original button style. And decaled also! 7 degree radius.

Schwagdog  Pennsylvania Read my reviews (9)
Customer supplied image for review
5 1-22-2012
excellent...but needs different way to store

The files are excellent tools.
one remark: they are delicate tools, so best to store them in a sturdy box.
The plastic protection sleeves that are included are a pain to use. They stick to the tool when inserting or taking out the file

Triskel Workshop  Antwerp, Belgium Read my reviews (17)
4 1-19-2012
Better labeling and smaller size

These files do a very good job..But the labels should be more informitive as to which side is which..
I would also like to see a .010 size..The .012 is too big for the first string on some guitars..

Papa Joe  Pontiac MI.
5 1-18-2012
Great Tools

I bought quite a few tools recently so I can do neck jobs instead of taking them to some else. I've gotten proficient at setting up the necks with the nut files, relief gauge and nut string height gauge and fret crownig files. My guitar actions are now awesome and a joy to play. I'm on my way to becoming an outstanding luthier.

VinSr  Alta Loma, CA
1 1-18-2012
Dull Files

I have not had good luck with these files the last two times they were ordered. Some of the files are very dull and do not cut very well. Some of my older files actually cut just as well.

Compton Custom Bridges  Minnesota Read my reviews (2)
5 12-23-2011
Double-Edged Nut Files

These work well and are a big improvement on trying to do the job with needle files. They produce a V shaped slot with a rounded seating for the strings. I also have the single edged files which have a better profile, I think, giving vertical sides and round seating. However the double edged are easier to use but I agree with the other reviews the marking on the handle needs to be clearer and it is easy to use the wrong file. I found matching the gauge file with the string gauge for both types of file gave a tight fit and a bit of rocking is in order to loosen a bit.

Pat Green  UK Read my reviews (20)
5 11-18-2011
Double-edge nut files

Good reliable tools that we use day-in, day out for making new top nuts & sorting out the slots in existing top nuts. Can't fault them and they last 3 - 4 years even with very intensive professional workshop use.

Andybanjo  UK Read my reviews (13)
5 11-09-2011
Nice & precise tool to get the job done

These are very valuable tools for filing nut slots,They work way better than a conventional file and you will not be disappointed.Now all I need is a few more tools and I can setup a guitar on my own.Thanks Stewart Macdonald

Billy C  Pennsylvania Read my reviews (22)
5 11-06-2011
worked great

File was easy to handle. Very predictable.

Set-up Technician  Solon,Ohio Read my reviews (18)
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