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Notched Straightedge

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Read the fretboard instead of the frets. Developed in our shop, the notched straightedge has become a standard for evaluating fretboards.

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Notched Straightedge

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Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
3814 For guitars Yes

3813 For basses Yes

3812 For short scale basses and baritone guitars Yes

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The notches fit right over the frets so you can check the straightness of the fretboard itself, without the interference of worn or badly-seated frets.

Made of machined stainless steel, satin-finished for easy marking with a pencil (cleans off easily).

#3814 For guitars
One edge is notched for Gibson "long scale", plus Fender and Martin fretboards. The other edge fits Gibson's 24-3/4" scale, plus 25" Paul Reed Smith and Dobro® Scale.
Length 16-1/2" (420mm)
Width 1-1/2" (38mm)
Thickness .130" (3.25mm)

#3813 For basses
One edge is for Fender 34" scale; the other edge for 35" scale.
Length 22-5/8" (575mm)
Width 1-1/2" (38mm)
Thickness .130" (3.25mm)

#3812 For short scale basses and baritone guitars
One edge fits Fender Bajo Sexto 30.2" scale, Gibson EB 30.5" scale, plus Fender 30" short-scale bass and Danelectro 30" baritone scale. The other edge fits Fender's Baritone Custom Jaguar 28.5" scale, Eastwood's 28" scale and custom baritone scales falling between 28" and 28.5".
Length 19" (482.6mm)
Width 1-1/2" (38mm)
Thickness .130" (3.25mm)

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 Ratings and reviews
Notched Straightedge
Notched Straightedge
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 66 ratings Write a Review
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5 8-28-2012

Although pricey, this sturdy straightedge is excellent for all leveling & adjustment tasks of the neck for the rest of your life. The thickness and weight make it easy to make precise adjustments. The edges are sharp and will scratch your work easily so you may wish to give the corners a light sanding.

KazShop  Finland Read my reviews (2)
5 8-20-2012
Notched Straightedge

My favourite tool for evaluating the fretboard and sometimes even the frets themselves.
A great tool, well worth the price!
Thanks StewMac :)

MakingMusick  Melbourne, Australia Read my reviews (4)
5 7-25-2012
Exactly what the Dr ordered.

I'm not a professional luthier, but have always done all my own guitar setups and have generally been extremely satisfied with the results.

I purchased a Taylor T5 off e-bay a couple of years ago and had neck problems with it from the get-go. Someone had cut the nut slot for the 3rd string too deep, so after fixing that I decided to focus on the sting buzz I was gettign on the higher frets. I discovered the guitar was just a bit too dry, so did no adjustments until it had properly humidified. Then slowly over the next several months would work on leveling the frets each time I changed strings...just a little at a time.

When I decided it was time for the final leveling I bought the Stewmac slotted straight edge in order to get it exactly right. Didn't have to wait long for the delivery and found the tool to be exactly what I needed. The tool revealed all the hidden problems I had been battling for so long and the leveling went perfectly.

For the first time since I've owned it the guitar has the kind of action one should expect from a Taylor and a clean, clear tone all the way up the neck. I think that without this tool I would still be fighting the thing.

K Johns  Three Rivers, MI
4 7-10-2012
Notched Straightedge

Very precise, very qualitative. The price is quite expensive.

Gusty  Ro Read my reviews (91)
5 6-23-2012

Great tool, couldn't live without it. Never even looked at the advertised thickness, all I know is that its heavy duty and will last for years...Nuff said...

DAB Custom Guitars  Pa Read my reviews (9)
4 6-23-2012
Frets or Neck ???

You can quickly tell where and what needs to be adjusted on the neck. The price is a little high but if you are able to determine your problem then it's probably worth it.

Coffeeman  Lexington,Ky Read my reviews (3)
5 3-03-2012
Quality & speed of delivery

Firstly, the notched straightedge is perfection.
Secondly, this has got to be the fastest delivery of an internet purchase I have ever expierienced. I would go as far to say that ordering from StewMac is as fast as ordering in Sweden. BUT....there is nowhere in Sweden or the EU that has the quality of guitar tools that StewMac provide. What more is there to say, just by StewMac, in the long run there are no alternatives. Need less to say, this is not my first StewMac purchase and it won't be the last. The Doc

The Doc  Bromma, Sweden
5 2-12-2012

Does it's job perfectly, and is of excellent quality. Mine is 3.18mm thick but does not effect the job that this tool has to do at all, so I will not deduct stars for this.

T Copley  Australia Read my reviews (22)
5 1-18-2012

Makes neck work a breeze!

EdwardElias  Hendersonville, TN Read my reviews (5)
5 1-11-2012
Neck Work

I have not had a chance to use this straight edge yet, but was already impressed at how heavy duty it was (1/8" thick.) I am sure it will hold up well, and see many years of shop use.

Grey Feather Guitars  Corpus Christi, TX Read my reviews (3)
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