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Erlewine Neck Jig

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A revolution in fret work. The precision string tension simulator that takes the guesswork out of fretwork and fingerboard leveling.

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Erlewine Neck Jig
Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5252 Erlewine Neck Jig Yes

5392 Erlewine Neck Jig, ShopStand, and Angle Vise SAVE $51.25 Yes

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Invented and refined through years of fret work for demanding players, the Neck Jig has become a valuable asset in busy repair shops. It's the reason why they're performing more accurate (and more profitable) fret jobs than ever before.

Dan Erlewine developed the Neck Jig from a breakthrough idea: simulate normal string tension when the strings are removed.

Now you can perform your fretting and fingerboard leveling with no unpleasant surprises when the instrument is restrung.

No more guessing: your work is performed under playing conditions, for the most accurate fretting and fingerboard leveling possible.

The Neck Jig's dial indicators, peghead tensioner and peghead jack let you precisely simulate normal string tension, including the effect of the truss rod adjustment inside the neck. You can even tilt the Jig to simulate the effects of the guitar's playing position.

The Neck Jig holds guitar or bass bodies on height-adjustable swivel-top levelers. Heights for popular instruments are conveniently printed on the Jig platform. The Jig includes band clamps, dial indicators, jig rods, peghead tensioner, peghead jack, swivel-top levelers, body support slats, a sturdy ash beam with wooden platform, and illustrated instructions to get you started.

BONUS: Our DVD Using The Erlewine Neck Jig is included FREE! Dan demonstrates the Neck Jig in actual fretting work. 30 minutes.

Combine the Neck Jig, with the ShopStand and our Angle Vise and you'll get the ideal hands-free setup to make your work easier and more accessible. The #5392 set includes all of these tools, and you'll get a money-saving discount when they are bought together!

See the online video for the Shopstand
Dan Erlewine shows how his ShopStand replaces a workbench for guitar repair. The Neck Jig and the Angle Vise are a perfect fit.
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 Ratings and reviews
Erlewine Neck Jig
Erlewine Neck Jig
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 30 ratings Write a Review
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5 1-03-2012
Great tool for the job

I've been working with my jig for nearly a year now. It took me a little while to get the jist of using the dial indicators, but since I've used them in my work, it didn't take long to get it figured out. Being able to pre-load the neck has saved me time and effort getting my frets aligned at first blush.

I think the mounts for the dial indicators could be modified a bit to allow for faster and more accurate adjustment. Take a look at how a rod-runout jig is designed for measure compressor rod would be a good improvement to the tool.

Very much like the jig overall, and find it indispensable for getting the frets right!

WikkedEggGuitars  Sterling, CO Read my reviews (10)
5 12-22-2011

this jig is for me perfect tool to do a professional and accurate job

Donald Babin  Quebec Canada
Customer supplied image for review
4 12-16-2011
Great tool but several quality issues

Leveling frets is certainly much easier and more accurate with this tool, but I have some issues with the quality of the kit components.

[1] some of the woodworking, especially where the gauges mount, is a bit rough, with some actual splinters. Not a big deal.

[2] the tiedown straps that came with the jig are 12 1/2 feet long. That's overkill, as the biggest jumbo flattop I have only required 6 feet. I ended up trimming off the excess and heat searing the edge, but I would think for the price of the kit, the tiedown straps would be closer in length to what's realistically going to be used.

[3] two of the plastic cushions on the levelers were not even attached. A simple repair with glue, but I can't help but wonder why this wasn't caught before the system shipped. Also, in the video, we are told that the guitar can be set on its side in the jig and that one of the leveler feet will hold the jig at approximately the correct playing angle. I tried this, and almost ended up with a Strat being dumped on its face. Use caution.

[4] the attached photograph shows two defects on the shop stand. On top are two sloppy welds that affect the roller bearing that allows the top of the stand to rotate. On bottom are two spots where the metal is bare and lacks paint, inviting eventual rust.

Yes, I'm glad I purchased this item, and I know I'll get a lot of excellent use out of it. I guess I was just expecting better quality for the money.

Jim Lange  Clearwater, FL USA
Customer supplied image for review
4 11-30-2011
Great Tool!

Build quality is good but there was a fair amount of wood ripped out on the drilled holes and some rough edges on the ends of the wood; not a big deal until it scratches a customers instrument. I took some 220 and smoothed all the edges then cured all the wood with Tung oil & wax, rough edges did not bother me but the rip out on every hole did.

Four stars only because of the attention to detail, maybe its time for a new CNC bit. This does not affect how the tool functions but I would have expected higher quality from Stewmac. The jig is solid Ash and has high quality threaded brass inserts for years of use. The DVD was very informative and in combination with the advanced fretting DVD will improve most everyone’s fret work.

The function of the tool is superb all guesswork has been removed and I save about an hour on each fret job. If your on the fence about it just get it, the tool pays for it self with one fret job.

Gabriel's Guitar Repair  Dallas, TX Read my reviews (18)
5 8-29-2011
Welcome to the Machine

This this awesome, well thought out and worth the money. I like the preset inserts and chart for many different guitars.

Eric L  Englewood Oh Read my reviews (3)
4 8-16-2011
Almost Perfect

My Neck Jig arrived in Australia in just four days from order date. Outstanding service as has been the case with every item I have ever ordered. However, sometimes attention to detail and sometimes quality seems to be missed on some items which can lead to disappointment or in this case concern that the unit will still function 100%.

In the case of my new Neck Jig I had to saw /remove almost a full 10mm off the point where the neck support meets the body support. If I hadn't done this there was absolutely no chance of getting the three attachment screws to align with the pre-drilled and fitted holes. I have no idea of course if this is going to affect any of the helpful positions measured and recorded on the Body Support for various guitars. Other than this enforced re-work the unit was extremely easy to assemble from the clear and simple instructions.

I'm currently looking forward to my hide glue and glue pot arriving so I can begin rework on the neck on a wayward guitar...

GavinB  Perth, Australia Read my reviews (26)
5 7-30-2011
Worth every penny!

Now this is worth the extra money! Love it. Even comes with an instructional video! Two thumbs up!

Marv  Cleveland, TN Read my reviews (7)
5 6-27-2011
you are gonna love it

I've been dressing for 7 years and 5 years doing refrets. I've been using it since last year and I can shamlessly say the neck jig improved my fretjobs amazingly.

The tough part is having to watch the video it comes with like a hundred times in order to learn the right way to use it. But is worth to burn your dvd unit learning those tips.

Price. you could say is high for "two pieces of wood, and some screws". But the neck jig is much more than that.

Thanks to mr erlewine for such a great invention.

Mario Gabinho Cárdenas Vega  México Read my reviews (17)
4 6-18-2011
What ?

Tres bon outils pour faire du bon boulot...mais...Mr Stew and Mr mac, pourriez vous inclure des sous titres dans vos videos ?!! *
(* Very good tools to make a good job..but mr stew and Mr mac, can you inclued subtitles in your videos?!!)

Fred Mai  Nice, France Read my reviews (7)
Customer supplied image for review
4 6-14-2011
i don't understand..

Oui, c'est un excellent outils qui permet de travailler avec précision..mais Mr Stew and mister Mac, pourriez vous incorporer les sous titres dans vos video?*

*Yes, very good item, to do a good job..but mr stew and mister mac can you incorporated(.....) subtitles in french, deutch etc.. your videos ? :-D
Merçi (thank you)

Fred Mai  Nice, France Read my reviews (7)
Customer supplied image for review
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