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Basic Setup Kit

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  • String action gauge
  • Understring radius gauges
  • Precision straightedge
  • FREE guitar setup instructions

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Basic Setup Kit

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Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
3910 With inch String Action Gauge SAVE $4.90 Yes

3910-M With metric String Action Gauge SAVE $4.90 1-2 weeks

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Make any guitar play better!
We're often asked to recommend "must-have" tools for setting up acoustic and electric guitars. We've made it easy—the Basic Setup Kit includes our most popular setup tools. These are the same super-accurate, high quality steel setup tools that professional repair shops depend on.


String Action Gauge The fastest way to measure the height of strings, nuts, saddles and pickup polepieces. Designed for stringed instrument work, it's much faster to use than any ruler.

18" Precision Straightedge Machined for fanatic accuracy (to ±.0015" per foot)! Use it to check neck relief and evaluate truss rod adjustments.

Understring Radius Gauges A big help for matching bridge saddle heights to the fretboard curvature, for easier playability. Accurately laser-cut from stainless steel, the set includes 9 different fretboard radii.

Truss rod adjustment is an important part of guitar setup, too.
Our Truss Rod Wrench Set has the tool you need.

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 Ratings and reviews
Basic Setup Kit
Basic Setup Kit
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 97 ratings Write a Review
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5 11-18-2011

Very practical (and lasting)basic set, for pro techncians as well as for musicians.

Pablo  Switzerland
5 11-06-2011
Basic Setup Kit

Straight edge is very good and great to stand it up on its edge for truing the neck or setting action with feeler gauges and the narrow edge to check other flat surfaces. Much easier than using a metal ruler. Under string gauges, very easy to use. String action gauge, I thought this was the token tool when I purchase the kit. But I was happy to be wrong, so much easier than a ruler for action and pickups. I only work on my 4 guitars and the money spent on the kit makes my hobby work much easier.

Craig Chen  Australia Read my reviews (3)
5 10-25-2011
Basic Setup Kit

I know , you say I can do a setup without this kit .Yes you can . But, time is money in a shop. It saves time and eliminates some guesswork . Indespensable to a pro repairman . Kudos to Stew-Mac .

M. Thomas Mike's Guitar Works  Manchester,TN Read my reviews (5)
5 9-02-2011
The best setup kit

A friend of mine (a pro luthier) suggested to try the basic setup kit just to keep my guitars in shape and ready to gig every day and after every change of season. A must have for pro guitar players (like me), for amateurs and students too. Thank you StewMac!

Fred Carpita  Rome, Italy Read my reviews (8)
5 8-30-2011
Well worth it!!

I am astounded at the many immediate uses I found, as well as the dramatic improvements in the ease / quality of my work!

MacToad  Walden, USA Read my reviews (4)
5 8-28-2011

I have been setting up guitars since 1990 in the good all fashion way, but with the set up kit it's faster.

josh66*josh66  Puerto Rico Read my reviews (4)
5 8-21-2011
Great package deal

This is the perfect kit to adjust your strings action, your neck and the radius,easy to use. Don't need more. Get one.


Denys  Gatineau,Quebec,Canada Read my reviews (8)
5 7-19-2011
buy this kit!

great set up kit!
i love it!!

guz  latina ,italy Read my reviews (2)
5 5-13-2011
Great Stuff!

Now I don't have to pay my tech to set up my guitars. I have all the tools I need to do it myself. Highest quality tools made of high quality materials.

DMan  La Mesa, CA
5 5-11-2011
A must have for every Drummer....Oppps Guitarist

I'm a drummer.....and you know what that means...If I can use these things then any body could use them.
All joking aside. These tools seem swiss built. Super straight and accurate. The 18" straight edge is thick and can't be bent. Once i figured out the way to use them I set all six of my babies.
One thing to keep in mind. These things aren't magic. One only increases their functions with use.

Nicholas S.  San Antonio TX,
Displaying 61 – 70 < 1  ...  6  7  8  ...  10 > /\ Top of Reviews

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