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Japanese Fret Saw

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Our most efficient saw for fret slots! Handmade, each saw cuts on the pull-stroke. This traditional design reduces blade flex and jamming as you saw the slot.

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Japanese Fret Saw
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5756 Saw and depth stop Yes

5755 Saw only Yes

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A StewMac exclusive.
The craftsmanship and efficiency of traditional handmade Japanese woodworking saws are legendary. We are pleased to offer a unique example made specifically for cutting fret slots, complete with easy depth-of-cut adjustment. This is our smoothest, most efficient handsaw for fret work—it cuts FAST!

The thumbscrew-adjustable clear acrylic Depth Stop slides up and down for precise control of fret slot depth. It's removable for cutting off the ends of a blank fingerboard, or for use with our Fret Slotting Miter Box.

SAVE when you order our unique Fret Slotting Miter Box with your saw, and enjoy the most versatile fret slotting solution for the small shop.

TIP: The blade features extremely sharp teeth, with precise .023" kerf to match our fretwire. Because it cuts faster than a standard fret saw, it must be held perpendicular to the fretboard. If not, you can quickly cut a wider slot than you expect. We recommend our Fret Slotting Miter Box for keeping the saw in proper alignment.

Overall length 19-3/4" (501.65mm)
Cutting length 9-3/4" (247.65mm)
Blade depth 1-3/4" (44.45mm)
Rigid nickel-plated brass spine
Comfortable traditional bamboo handle

Cut accurate 90-degree slots when you use the saw with our Fret Slotting Miter Box. Add a Fret Scale Template and you'll never miscalculate your fret positions.

Need help calculating your fret locations?
Our online fret scale calculator can calculate any scale length you want to use. It will also give you accurate measurements for locating the bridge on your instrument.

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 Ratings and reviews
Japanese Fret Saw
Japanese Fret Saw
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 57 ratings Write a Review
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5 8-16-2011
Japanese Fret Saw System

I have just finished making my first guitar. I have an engineering background and was thinking about making the mitrebox myself but decided to buy Stewmac's mitrebox instead. I have used a number of different mitreboxes but this was by far the best design and quality. The saw was far better than I expected. It cuts fast and the cut is very fine. I thought it was a bit expensive to buy a saw just for the fingerboard but I have been able to use the saw for several other parts of the guitar too.

Unfortunately, I dropped something on my saw and it put a dent in the blade which means it doesn't work how it used to. Make sure you hang your saw or put it away in a safe place when you are not using it.

Rhys' Guitars  Australia Read my reviews (7)
4 8-09-2011

Used it on my recent project. The saw is great, and the miter box can be be adjusted to fit the saw or any other saw, which is great!

Max Boderskov  Ã…rhus, Denmark Read my reviews (4)
Customer supplied image for review
5 8-03-2011
Japanese Fret Saw

I have been using Japanese saws for about six years and am now a convert. Been using the older type Stew Mac fret saw for several years now. This new Japanese one has changed my life, it cuts clean and fast and I think the kerf is slightly wide as the frets go in much easier. Thanks again StewMac

Billthestring  United Kingdom
5 7-15-2011
Beautiful Japanese Fret Saw!

I have used Japanese saws for 30 or so years now & when I saw one from Stew-Mac it was a no-brainer. To get away from the noise of power tools, I work by hand as much as possible. I built my own mitre box, because that was the easy part. I use a paper, CAD developed fret pattern in full size, spray glue it to the fret blank and cut away. The first time it took me only 40 minutes or so. The saw is very good quality, fast & very accurate. Thanks again Stew-Mac, I haven't been disappointed yet. "Doc" DiLorenzo / guitars & basses

DiLorenzo  los osos ca. Read my reviews (3)
5 7-15-2011
Japanese Fret Saw System

I have used Japanese saws for 30 years or so, so when Stew-Mac offered one for fret work it was a no-brainer. I like to work by hand as much as possible to get away from the noise of power tools. It is fast, precise & cuts a perfect slot. I built my own hardwood mitre box because that part is quite simple. I use a full size CAD developed, fret pattern spray glued to the fret blank as a cutting guide. The accuracy is perfect. Thanks again Stew-Mac. "Doc" DiLorenzo guitars & basses

DiLorenzo  los osos ca. Read my reviews (3)
5 7-03-2011
Good thing I bought this saw

The first time I slotted a fretboard it was a rosewood board and I found the job extremely difficult both to obtain required accuracy and the sawing job it self. It took hours and I was totally exhausted after the job. After this experience I decided to buy slotted fretboards in the future. But the guitar I'm working on now has a scale length of 624 mm and I haven't found slotted fretboards for this scale. I was therefore forced to purchase something for the job. I bought the Japanese fret saw system Stewmac offers and I do not regret it.

The issue with the accuracy is solved and the saw is something unbelievable. The saw is not a small toy it is a real saw. First I thought have they sent me something to cut down a tree instead of a fret saw. The job took just a fraction of the time it took me previously to slot a fretboard thanks to the saw, and the result is excellent. Now I will always slot fretboards myself.

breki  reykjavik Read my reviews (2)
5 6-24-2011
Great slot saw

Used with the miter box & fret scale template, it's an easy matter to get consistent fret slots. Better than that, tho, is that the saw has the right heft & stiffness to go back into the slot freehand and finish off ends to the proper depth after radiusing the fingerboard. A very nice tool.

Steve Combs  Littleton, Colorado Read my reviews (6)
5 6-18-2011
Thomas Lloyd Guitar making course

So impressed with it, I just had to have one along with other Stewmac products for great results.

johney  TASMANIA Read my reviews (2)
3 5-24-2011
Slot is too thin!

While this is an excellent system when combined with the fret scale template, every time i do an ebony board i am faced with problem of trying to get the fret in easily. My saw leave's behind a slot .019" wide (measured with feeler gauges) this forces the neck into extreme back bow which can just about be corrected with a double action truss rod.
I sent an email to stewmac about this and they suggested i should mash the tang down a little. That to me doesn't seem the ideal solution as this saw is meant to match stewmac's own wire, which i am currently using.

Graham Leggat  Glasgow, Scotland
5 5-20-2011
Great saw

Very sharp with smooth action. A must for neat accurate fret slots.

elams1894  New Zealand Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
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