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Fret Tang Nipper

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Undercuts fretwire so the fret ends fit over neck binding.

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Fret Tang Nipper
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
1626 For medium fretwire Yes

1649 For wide fretwire Yes

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Undercuts fretwire cleanly.
There's gotta be an easier way to trim the ends of the frets to fit over the neck bindings, right? Our friend Bill Collings (of Collings Guitars) had an idea that inspired us to produce this simple and precise tool. It's become a repair shop favorite. It does an outstanding job of undercutting fretwire to fit over neck bindings, speeding up fret jobs on bound necks, and helps save the lacquer finish at the edges of the fingerboard. Just insert the wire to the desired depth in the guide notch, squeeze the handle, and the wire is quickly and cleanly undercut. No bending or crimping!

The Fret Tang Nipper is useful for unbound fingerboards too. Try nipping the fret tang to length before installing the fret. Now you'll only need to cut and file the overhanging crown, and the fret will be less likely to twist and unseat.

#1626 is for medium-width fretwire, .075" to .095" (1.90mm to 2.41mm)

#1649 is for wide fretwire, .100" to .120" (2.54mm to 3.05mm)

The Fret Tang Nipper is 6" long (152.40mm), including 4" (101.60mm) rubber-sleeved handles.

Not recommended for stainless steel frets.

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Fret Tang Nipper
Fret Tang Nipper
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 60 ratings Write a Review
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4 4-09-2014
Learning curve

There was a bit of a learning curve (wasted fretwire) in determining what its maximum cut was - and that maximum was not big. Knowing this is important since I could not go back to make a second cut because it would mangle the crown. I would have liked to have been able to go back and nibble a little more of the tang away as needed on some frets. It's a good thing I started by the headstock and worked my way down as it allowed me to reuse some mis-trimmed frets. Still, it was a massive timesaver in my last bound-fingerboard refret once I learned its peculiarities. Some adjustment instructions would be nice as well instead of having to waste fretwire learning tool setup through experimentation.

Bryan was taken already  Houston Read my reviews (2)
5 8-24-2013
How could I live without one of those?

I really had a hard time on the fret tangs. This one is PERFECT. It's really one of my favorite tools of all time.

BrunoLob√£o  Brazil - Rio de Janeiro Read my reviews (15)
4 8-08-2013
Time saver

Great time saving tool. But still had to hit each end with file to get flush.

R J Adams  Waynesboro, Va Read my reviews (8)
5 6-18-2013
Worked better than expected.

I bought these and immediately did a fret job with the Gold EVO frets... worried that these wouldn't hold up. But they did fine, I only messed up one fret and they didn't seem to degrade over the job... can't say how they would do over multiple jobs. But they held up better than my nippers (Not a stewmac one). Those chipped up real bad.

Andrew H.  South Carolina, USA Read my reviews (44)
5 6-04-2013
Couldn't imagine not using this.

Just finished my first bound fretjob. Thanks to this tool, it was a breeze!

Scott C  Atlanta GA Read my reviews (10)
5 5-29-2013
Won't be going back to hand filing

Simple little tool that's brilliant in application. Huge time saver and undercuts the fret wire smoothly with just a one motion squeeze of the handle. Get won't regret the purchase and will recoup the cost of the tool in the first bound neck fret/refret job you do just in the time savings alone.

PST Guitars  King George, VA Read my reviews (8)
Customer supplied image for review
5 5-18-2013
Great design

This is a great tool design and works great. I am a retired tool and die maker and wish I had design this. What a quality unit and does a quality job. Larry Threet, Luthier, Lexington SC

Larry Threet  Lexington, SC Read my reviews (10)
5 5-10-2013
nice. :)

easy to use. time saver.

jiROck Custom  Philippines Read my reviews (58)
Customer supplied image for review
5 5-07-2013
Speedy Little Tool

Before this tool I was filing the ends of frets for bound fret boards. Whoa!!!! I just did not know how bad I had it. This tool is worth every Penny I spent. I've seen the post stating that some of Stew Macs tools are pricey. I say this, You get what you pay for. They have yet to mess up one of my orders, and they ship quick. Ask a question about their product and customer service response is second to none. I have seen the post about people having problems with their products. Stew Mac handles it no questions asked. JUST CAN'T BEAT EM. Oh Yeah you can near bought go to Luthier School right their on the web site, with all the how to videos. Thanks to everyone that makes this company work. YOU DO A GREAT JOB.

Luther  NC
5 4-14-2013

I used to do this by hand and it would take forever. You can safely and perfectly nip your entire fretboard in about two minutes. If you do a lot of bound fretting, dont even hesitate to get one.

TisDale Custom Guitars  Renton, WA, USA Read my reviews (52)
Customer supplied image for review
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