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Scraper Blades

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For ultra-smooth wood surfaces. The first time you use a scraper blade, you'll discover why it's a favorite tool of traditional woodworkers.

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Scraper Blades

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  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
0654 Large, rectangular Yes

0628 Large, curved ends Yes

0655 Large, French curve Yes

0625 Mini, concave/convex 1+ month
This item cannot be
ordered at this time.
0626 Mini, oval Yes

0627 Mini, rectangular Yes

0629 All 3 mini scrapers SAVE $3.00 1+ month
This item cannot be
ordered at this time.
0630 Scraper blade kit (all 6 scrapers) SAVE $3.00 1+ month
This item cannot be
ordered at this time.

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Our versatile stainless steel scrapers leave wood surfaces ultra-smooth. They're also the best tools for smoothing plastic bindings, because they don't heat, soften or scratch the material the way sandpaper can. Occasional squaring and burnishing of the edges keeps them sharp and efficient (the Scraper Burnisher makes it easy). These scrapers are available with convex, straight and concave edges, for smoothing and fine-contouring wood surfaces on practically any instrument.

Large scrapers have a variety of contours for trimming bindings, neck profiling, fingerboard surfacing, archtop contouring and graduating, wood deburring, acoustic bridge shaping, and more. Supplied unburnished.

#0654 Rectangular2-1/2" x 6" x .028"(63.50mm x 152.40mm x 0.7mm)
#0628 Curved ends2" x 6" x .028"(50.80mm x 152.40mm x 0.7mm)
#0655 French curve3-1/8" x 5-1/8" x .028"(79.38mm x 130.17mm x 0.7mm)

Mini scrapers are for smoothing smaller areas with finer control. Among their many uses, the concave/convex version is handy for acoustic guitar bridge contouring, and the oval scraper makes quick work of spot-leveling drop-fill finish repairs. The rectangular version has rounded 1/8" and 3/32" notches for fast and easy acoustic bridge saddle crowning (a bonus inspired by an idea from Freddie Cisneros). Supplied unburnished. Order all 3 and save!

#0625 Concave/convex1-31/32" x 1-17/64" x .016"(50mm x 32mm x 0.4mm)
#0626 Oval1-25/32" x 1-3/16" x .008"(45mm x 30mm x 0.2mm)
#0627 Rectangular1-25/32" x 63/64" x .016"(45mm x 25mm x 0.4mm)

Our scraper blade kit includes all 6 scrapers (3 large, 3 mini) in a versatile money-saving set for the guitar shop.

Scraping, not sanding, to prepare wood for finishing
Scraping, not sanding, to prepare wood for finishing
Scraping, not sanding, to prepare wood for finishing Read more

In this issue:
Dan Erlewine shows why he uses scraper blades instead of sandpaper for the final smoothing before the finish goes on a guitar.

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 Ratings and reviews
Scraper Blades
Scraper Blades
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 54 ratings Write a Review
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2 7-06-2012
Scraper Blades

Soft material, needs a lot of sharpening.

Gusty  Ro Read my reviews (91)
5 7-02-2012

these are great for all kinds of jobs

lefty's rule  duluth mn Read my reviews (32)
Customer supplied image for review
5 6-08-2012
Small Scraper

Just received the small mini scraper now offered. This is just what the doctor ordered. Great for small areas, binding work, and fingerboard cleaning. A good product.

MED  Delray, FL Read my reviews (37)
5 5-07-2012

I bought the 3 pc set of mini scrapers because I need something smaller then a full size cabinet scraper for detail work. I found the mini convex/concave scraper and the mini rectangular scraper to be just excellent for cleaning up glue from around bracing. They hit the spot and saved a lot of time. Just right in so many ways!


arie s  los angeles Read my reviews (2)
5 5-03-2012
Excellent scraper kit

Except for the little oval one, which feels light and flimsy, the kit is superb. With the proper edge (attained with the burnisher also from StewMac), you can easily and swiftly scrape (or microplane) an entire hollow body guitar. I used my kit for carving sometimes. The scrapers are well sized and balanced, except for the little oval one, which appears to be cut from a tomato soup can. Excellent for the price.

Marcio Costa  Brasil Read my reviews (37)
5 5-03-2012
New Favorite tool

I have been using the large scraper, with curved ends to level the finish on a solid body electric...this is now my new favorite finishing tool!

Jeff P Blues  Space Coast, FL Read my reviews (4)
5 5-02-2012
Scraper blades

These are just the right size for those picky little areas. Extremely good quality steel, sharpen in a jiffy.

Randy Bryan  Rhinelander, WI Read my reviews (2)
5 3-08-2012
mini scrapers

Great little scrapers for tight places around the heel and for cleaning wood bindings without digging into the top or back

Ken.Jacobs  E.Yorks,England Read my reviews (5)
5 3-07-2012
They are just right

I´ve bought scrapers many different places, but these are the best. Just the right hardness etc. And they are even set up when they arrive. Just a touch with the burnisher and off you go scraping.

Andruski  Spain
5 3-05-2012
mini oval scraper

I love the mini oval scraper, im using it to work on a violin scroll and it work like a charme!

gabrielbizeau  Québec, QC, Canada
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