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Foam Polishing Pads

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Get a high gloss finish with your hand drill! Shaped pads are great for guitar body contours.

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Foam Polishing Pads

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  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
3414 Large, 5-1/2" dia. Yes
2 or more $14.36  

3410 Small, 3" dia. Yes
2 or more $10.79  

3409 Hourglass, 3" dia. Yes
2 or more $10.79  

3411 Cone, 3-1/8" dia. Yes
2 or more $10.79  

3420 All 4 sizes SAVE $4.00 Yes

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High gloss finishes without swirl marks
Fits variable-speed hand drills

Your finishes can have a more professional look when you use these fiber-free foam buffing pads. They're perfect for applying polishing compounds with your power buffer or variable-speed hand drill.

Foam polishing pads are perfect for applying polishing compounds, like our ColorTone Polishing Compounds. The gentle polishing action helps avoid swirl marks, fine scratches and burn-through, leaving a beautiful mirror-gloss surface.

For the small shop or casual builder, this is a great way to get factory-quality finishes without tedious hand polishing or expensive buffing equipment. Larger well-equipped shops find foam pads handy for getting into tight areas for fast spot refinishing, too. Each pad has a 1/4" arbor—you can use it in a drill press or variable-speed hand drill.

"Hourglass and cone-shaped pads are great for getting into guitar cutaways and hard-to-reach contours. I find a use for them all!"
—Erick Coleman, repairman and StewMac tech advisor

Important: A separate pad should be used for each grade of polishing compound, to avoid adding scratches to the finish. Apply the compounds in sequence, from coarse to fine grades.

Using a foam buffer in a hand drill on Junior Brown Guit-SteelsĀ®
Using a foam buffer in a hand drill on Junior Brown Guit-Steels
Using a foam buffer in a hand drill on Junior Brown Guit-SteelsĀ® Read more

In this issue:
When a pedestal buffer can't accommodate the shape of Junior Brown's famous Guit-Steels, Michael Stevens finds that a simple foam buffer does a great job!

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 Ratings and reviews
Foam Polishing Pads
Foam Polishing Pads
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 77 ratings Write a Review
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5 1-15-2012
A good tool to have

The foam polishing pads made quick work of the final stages of my finish, good stuff!

John T  Greenville, SC Read my reviews (3)
5 12-08-2011

I've done 7 complete refinish jobs with the same set of pads with no issues at all. I do try different ways of doing things once on awhile and have found that I get better results if I add a little water to the pad after applying polishing compound and work it into the pad by hand. If the foam is coming off of the plastic you either got a bad one or you're pressing the pad into the guitar WAY too hard.

Tie1onn  Newville, PA Read my reviews (5)
4 10-24-2011
Just the right tool!

Good for buffing the cut outs, edges and tight spots. Used them in a quarter in. drill. Nice for the price!

guitar master  coulterville il.
4 10-19-2011
3-1/8" diameter cone

It's good to polish cutaway. Used with colortone polishing compounds you get profesional finish.

color tone polishing are great!  Sevilla, Spain Read my reviews (6)
1 10-14-2011
Worked nice until they fell apart

I bought both the large & small sizes & prefer the 3" size as they are easier to use. They worked great with the SM compounds, until the yellow foam of all four of the 3" pads separated from the plastic mounts only after a few uses. Kind of sad considering I spent about $50 on those alone. If I replace these I will buy a different brand.

Bob Carter  WI
1 10-08-2011
Buffing Pad

First time I use the pad it flew off the end of the arbor/base and was not usable. Even before I touched any wood. Sorry, not made for a drill press or hand drill in my opinion.
Pad worked fine by hand. #3410

Jerry's Uke Shop  Michigan Read my reviews (2)
StewMac responds

Jerry's Uke Shop,
We're very sorry to hear about your experience with our Foam Polishing Pad. We will gladly send out a replacement set today, or extend a full refund. Thanks for speaking up, rest assured we'll fix the problem.

5 9-08-2011
Very nice

I purchased a few sets for the different grits of the compounds i bought here also. I recommend the 3" and the cone, these are my favorites. They give a very nice finish, looks really great. If you take your time with it no one will see the difference between factory finish and your own.

Artios Music  Belgium Read my reviews (4)
5 9-02-2011
Foam polish pads

These pads do the job with a strong 20V hand drill.The new shapes make a difference also. Simply, until a full buffing wheel is available this is a good alternative.

MED  Delray, FL Read my reviews (37)
4 8-30-2011
They work as advertised.

I used these to buff my guitar. I bought 3 5-1/2" diameter wheels, one for medium, fine, and swirl remover. The result was great and I have no serious complaints. -1 star for lacking durability: Near the end though, the foam was a little torn in some places. I doubt I could use these for more than a few guitars. If you are planning on doing so (buffing more than a few guitars), then get a real buffing arbor and buffing wheels instead, as these will not last.
I would recommend NOT getting the 5-1/2" diameter wheel, and getting the 3" wheel instead. The 5-1/2" was unwieldy and unnecessary (a guitar surface just isn't that big). It was too big to fit between the horns of my guitar, meaning I had to do those by hand, which was a huge pain. It's too big for a guitar, making it harder to control. And when I was buffing the horns of the guitar, I was concerned about uneven application of pressure because the pads were so big. So save your money and time and buy the 3" diameter wheel which would work better (I believe).

DanielK  California Read my reviews (8)
5 8-04-2011
excellent shine on a budget

To get that Pro shine with out a pedestal buffer this is the best bet. Use a different Pad for coarse , medium and Fine. Then touch it up with another pad and swirl remover for a shine you will be proud of .

Manny Pavone  Newtown, CT Read my reviews (16)
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