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Humbucker Helpers

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Spring tamers for easy pickup assembly.
Dan Erlewine devised this set of steel clips to hold a humbucker together.

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Humbucker Helpers
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Installing the screws, springs and mounting ring on a humbucking pickup can be a pain, especially when the pickup's already wired into the guitar. The springs tend to go flying off while you're fumbling to hold everything together. Let our handy humbucker clips do the work instead!

This set of two simple stainless steel clips holds the springs, height screws, and mounting ring together as a single assembly and prevents the springs from flying across your shop. Just set it over the pickup, turn the screws into the pickup mounting tabs, and pull away the clips. They make a clumsy operation a breeze, with less chance of scratching the guitar top.

Thanks to Dan Erlewine for developing these handy helpers!
"They are always on my bench, I don't remove, or install, a humbucker without 'em!" — Dan

TECH TIP: Pickup installation is an easy time to scratch a guitar - use a felt pad to protect the top.

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Humbucker Helpers
Humbucker Helpers
4 out of 5 stars
Based on 21 ratings Write a Review
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2 11-30-2011
Too Short

I found these not very helpful, and don't use them. The height is too short for longer screws, and the hole and slot too small for ease of use.

OxbloodFan  NY
5 8-23-2011
Second time around

I did use these and the two pickups was mounted in a couple of minutes.

The first time (without the helpers) it took a long time, with many failed attempts and searching for that spring that got away somewhere ... again.

Bj√∂rn N  Sweden Read my reviews (8)
5 8-19-2011
Very practical.

Easy to use and quick to install.

Rodrigo Gomes  Brazil Read my reviews (44)
Customer supplied image for review
2 8-18-2011
Not that great

Maybe I'm just one of the dumb ones, but these don't save me any time. The springs squeeze right through the slot, and some screws don't go through the hole. I spend more time trying to keep the spring from sliding through and all around the slot than it would take to just put the thing together.

DougM  Ohio Read my reviews (3)
4 5-30-2011
Quicker than hands alone!

This thing really speeds things along. 4 stars only because i felt kinda stupid that i couldn't figure how to use it at first and there was no instruction. I got the hang quickly though.  Trinidad and Tobago Read my reviews (3)
4 5-04-2011
Little helpers

Do what they say, thank you :)

Julyan Wallis, Guitar Doctor UK  Cornwall, UK Read my reviews (45)
4 11-21-2010
Great tool!

One of the most annoying parts about swapping humbuckers is getting the springs back in. This tool saved me from fishing around to see where that spring just popped off to. Thank you!

e_black  Atlanta Read my reviews (2)
5 10-14-2010
A MUST have!!

While I agree with Chris Cordel, I had to drill the hole larger to fit the Duncan's screw. These are a real time saver!! A definite "Must Have" tool!!

chris rochow  Youngstown, Ohio, USA Read my reviews (10)
4 9-23-2010
May Need Alteration

These are a great idea. However, if you use Seymour Duncan pickups like I do, you will need to make an alteration to these for them to work as designed. The screw head on a Duncan is too big to fit through the end with the hole. You can either drill the hole out bigger or make it a slot which is what I chose to do.
Still, a very useful tool. Perhaps StewMac will make revisions on this tool so you won't have too.

Chris Cordle  North Muskegon, MI Read my reviews (3)
5 9-03-2010
Great anger management tool

Your choice - use these or struggle with an extremely tricky balancing act.

Steve T  Boston, MA Read my reviews (4)
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