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Knob and Bushing Puller

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This must-have "two-in-one" tool from Schatten Design applies a steady, controlled pull to safely remove them.

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Knob and Bushing Puller

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3515 Knob and Bushing Puller Yes

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Stubborn hard-to-remove guitar knobs?
The Knob and Bushing Puller's clear acrylic housing has a rubberized base to help protect the guitar's finish. Includes hardware to easily extract Gibson, Schaller or Gotoh bridge and tailpiece stud bushings, without damaging the guitar.

For just removing standard knobs, consider a simple Knob Puller.

Tailpiece bushing removal tip:
In some cases, especially with Gibson guitars, the tailpiece bushings are installed before the guitar is finished. To avoid chipping the finish, we recommend scoring the bushing with a sharp knife. For stubborn bushings, careful heat from a soldering iron will help break them free.

Instructions and bolts for pulling various threads are included:

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Knob and Bushing Puller
Knob and Bushing Puller
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 33 ratings Write a Review
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5 6-25-2012
Another cool StewMac tool!

Great little tool. Pricey? How much is your time worth, what if you damage the pickguard or finish, or break the knob trying to remove it with a prying tool? I recently used it while replacing some electronics and pick ups, well worth it. It is a little thick to put under the knobs, but unless your knobs are right on the surface it should work just fine. After years of using screwdrivers and blades I am sold on this tool.

Guitarzan  Albuquerque, NM Read my reviews (4)
5 4-15-2012
Schatten Knob & Bush Puller

This is an awesome tool. Arrived quicker than some goods posted here in the UK. Well packaged, easy to use instructions. The tool in question is very well made and should give years of reliable service. Thanks to Stewmac for a fabulous service. Safe to say I will be ordering more items in the near future.

whitefire92  U.K
5 3-14-2012
A great tool. Saved more than it cost

The Schatten Design knob and bushing puller has been worth every cent I paid for it. I've been using it since the time StewMac started selling them.

At first when I saw the price, I gulped and almost didn't buy one. They are (short-term) expensive on the surface.

But, good tools are almost always worth their price. A good tool is good because it works and is smartly designed and well made. My puller has pulled countless knobs (I'm a tech and a gear nut) and countless studs and bushings (even the little tuner bushings from old 9mm setups).

It has worked well, it has worked every time, and has NEVER destroyed a knob or hurt a guitar. I do put a thin cotton cloth around the edges when I pull a knob or stud on an expensive guitar "just in case", but the foamy black ring on the clear tube tends to do its job very well. In most cases, just being gentle with the setup is enough.

Buy one, even if you're only replacing one set of knobs on your favorite guitar. My old methods of strings, laces, and t-shirts were always too scary to do and often broke old knobs.

Jim Pearson of Vivid Peace  Elon, NC USA Read my reviews (2)
5 1-19-2012

A tool that could easily be made in the shop, but for the price, I'd rather repair another instrument and make $! Just buy this one! It works good.

Loux Custom Instruments  Harleysville,Pa Read my reviews (3)
5 9-28-2011
Worth every dollar!

I had a customer's late 50's Epiphone lap steel on the bench, needed to remove the original knobs without damaging the finish or knobs...the knob & bushing puller did the trick effortlessly and flawlessly. Pulling bushings are a breeze with the included hardware. This tool's a keeper!!

Steve Fazekas  Sarver,Pa. Read my reviews (5)
4 6-29-2011
Simple and works

You can acheive many end results with a few bolts. pulling sleeves for bridge parts for instance is that easy. However this little unit is a clever little tool that one could make themself but never gets around to.

Oldy-r-goody  Canada Read my reviews (9)
4 6-22-2011
Couldn't be better... Just expensive.

Only rated it four stars b/c it is so expensive! But, once you have one, you don't have to worry about scratching finishes on high-end guitars (or any guitar, for that matter), and you don't need to use the old, back-water methods (shoe-string, cloth over screwdriver, etc) anymore. Worth the peace of mind. Just gotta swallow the cost.

Daniel Heo  Hyattsville, MD Read my reviews (6)
5 6-15-2011
What a helper

Does exactly what it says on the tin, cheers.

Julyan Wallis, Guitar Doctor UK  Cornwall, UK Read my reviews (45)
5 5-18-2011
Works well

It does exactly what it says it does. Use a thin (and smooth) piece of pywood or lexan with a hole cut in it to help disperse the pressure so the tube doesn't leave small dents in the body work of soft bodied guitars. Or where the routing is such that it only leaves a small area for the end of the tube to rest on.

TonyK  Sumner, WA Read my reviews (4)
5 5-08-2011
Knob & Bushing Puller

If you build electric guitars, you need this. Saves so much time & your fingertips!
Robert Rusch
Rusch Guitars

Rusch Guitars  Youngstown, NY Read my reviews (6)
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